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Pilgrim's Promise meh.just okay A little too cutesy for my taste. I found myself rather annoyed with the heroine most of the time. Valeria Brewster Wasn T In The Least Interested In Bart Thomas He Was Just The Man Who Paid Her A Fat Salary For Looking After His Unhappy Teenage Daughter, And Valeria Was Good With Children Why, Then, Should She Find Things Getting Out Of Hand So Easily When Bart Was Around It Wasn T As Though She Was His Type Of Woman She Left That Sort Of Thing To Blonde Bombshells Like Amele Poitras The Problem Was That Bart Didn T Seem To Agree I ve always considered Emma Goldrick as one of the Harlequin Romance editions of Julia Garwood Aside from the zingers between H h, both authors like to put their heroines in strange situations where they have to find their way out in a comedic fashion.Valeria starts out as a school marmish disciplinarian who unveils her oddball, eccentric character as the story progresses Hired to teach circumspection to a rebellious teen ager, she soon finds herself embroiled in political gossip which threatens to derail the judicial nomination of the hero Bart I found the running joke her insistence that she s not getting married ever to him entertaining She contends that she s only going so far, and nothing , even though it is most evident that she is being slowly reeled in Bart serves as a foil for Valeria In the beginning, he s depicted as a shameless Don Juan, a shirker of parental responsibilities, and a stuffed shirt But as with the episode of the catamaran, he s not above playing practical jokes and baiting the heroine to see her reaction However, as there were so many secondary characters, like the girlfriend, the ex wife, nosy neighbor, and especially the troubled daughter, there s a sense that the relationship between H h wasn t as lengthy and the hero wasn t as fleshed out as they could have been with less minor plots I wantedof the dialogues between H h, found in the beginning, to show his growing affection and to bringemotional impact As it is, there was only one page of I love you and then it was back to humorous interplay Frothy read. This was OK At the beginning I thought the H was too much of a sleaze to ever be acceptable, but by the end, he d convinced me. Aw This book is so cute and the premise is quite well in regard to the behavior of the child realistic Children do hate interference in their parents time by some new party and most kids from divorced families keep hoping for a reconciliation Usually this approach makes the kids look angry and bitter but here you could empathize with her as did the heroine Also, there a certain thing which goes with all of EG s books such as heroine thinking to herself and keeping things real words of wisdom an independent heroineOh, what the heck The whole book was lovely The End

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