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Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley From The Moment That He First Shook Up The World In The Mid S, Elvis Presley Has Been One Of The Most Vivid And Enduring Myths Of American Culture Last Train To Memphis The Rise Of Elvis Presley Is The First Biography To Go Past That Myth And Present An Elvis Beyond The Legend Based On Hundreds Of Interviews And Nearly A Decade Of Research, It Traces The Evolution Not Just Of The Man But Of The Music And Of The Culture He Left Utterly Transformed, Creating A Completely Fresh Portrait Of Elvis And His WorldThis Volume Tracks The First Twenty Four Years Of Elvis Life, Covering His Childhood, The Stunning First Recordings At Sun Records That S All Right, Mystery Train , And The Early RCA Hits Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Don T Be Cruel These Were The Years Of His Improbable Self Invention And Unprecedented Triumphs, When It Seemed That Everything That Elvis Tried Succeeded Wildly There Was Scarcely A Cloud In Sight Through This Period Until, In , He Was Drafted Into The Army And His Mother Died Shortly Thereafter The Book Closes On That Somber And Poignant Note Last Train To Memphis Takes Us Deep Inside Elvis Life, Exploring His Lifelong Passion For Music Of Every Sort From Blues And Gospel To Bing Crosby And Mario Lanza , His Compelling Affection For His Family, And His Intimate Relationships With Girlfriends, Mentors, Band Members, Professional Associates, And Friends It Shows Us The Loneliness, The Trustfulness, The Voracious Appetite For Experience, And Above All The Unshakable, Almost Mystical Faith That Elvis Had In Himself And His Music Drawing Frequently On Elvis Own Words And On The Recollections Of Those Closest To Him, The Book Offers An Emotional, Complex Portrait Of Young Elvis Presley With A Depth And Dimension That For The First Time Allow His Extraordinary Accomplishments To Ring TruePeter Guralnick Has Given Us A Previously Unseen World, A Rich Panoply Of People And Events That Illuminate An Achievement, A Place, And A Time As Never Revealed Before Written With Grace, Humor, And Affection, Last Train To Memphis Has Been Hailed As The Definitive Biography Of Elvis Presley It Is The First To Set Aside The Myths And Focus On Elvis Humanity In A Way That Has Yet To Be Duplicated

About the Author: Peter Guralnick

Peter Guralnick is an American music critic, writer on music, and historian of US American popular music, who is also active as an author and screenwriter He has been married for over 45 years to Alexandra He has a son and daughter, Jacob and Nina.Guralnick s first two books, Almost Grown 1964 and Mister Downchild 1967 , were short story collections published by Larry Stark, whose small press

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    The writing is so good here it makes things like the details of signing a contract with an agent into a riveting read I thought the opening was the strongest, bringing the worlds of poverty in Memphis to life with so much empathy and detail clothing, language, segregation, mixed neighborhoods, music styles and publ

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    One of the most exhilarating stories ever told Guralnick accomplishes something astonishing he rescues Elvis from myth, in the process reaffirms his legend This volume chronicles Elvis s early life his crackling charisma, musical inventiveness and genuine iconoclasm The backdrop is America in transformation postwar restle

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    Another book I picked up after last fall s trips to visit my friends Heather and Clay in the wonderful city of Memphis Great book, couldn t put it down Reviewers say it s the best book on Elvis around Haven t read much about Elvis, but I can t imagine it getting much better than this A very sympathetic account, it keeps an eye o

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    A sharply rendered and painstakingly detailed account of Elvis early days Guralnick s narrative prose is simple, even crude, but his material is richly precise in some places, we get an almost day by day account of Elvis life and career, with sources split neatly between firsthand interviews and the author s own historical knowledge, w

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    the Elvis book left me speechless and amazed Dreaming about hillbilly forevers Sentimental on a Sun Recording bender that nearly drove the neighbors to nail my windows shut to save them from the pain of the thousandth play of Its all Alright Momma at full volume Have you ever seen Jesus Camp It was kinda like that but with Elvis instead of Je

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    If you are a fan of Elvis, this is your book This is the first of a two part series on the King of Rock and Roll Guralnick goes into painstaking detail on Elvis life from the time he was a young boy getting his first guitar through the death of his beloved mother and shipping off to Germany as PFC Elvis Presley It is clear that Elvis was his own per

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    This enormous biography takes Elvis from his birth in 1935, through his gradual rise to stardom and on to the death of his beloved mother The author meticulously lists every live concert date, every record and every film made, but that is not all the book is about As well as explaining how and why Elvis became the huge star he became, it explains who he wa

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    Peter Guralnick s books on American RB, Soul, Country, Blues and Rock and Roll are all heartfelt, deeply researched, and written nearly entirely in the third person, and that last bit separates him from the self aggrandizing that mars the writing of so many other music writers covering the same ground If he has a fault it is his reverence for his subjects Accordi

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    Last Train to Memphis The Rise of Elvis Presley is beautifully written portrait of Presley s early years his impoverished childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi, the move to Memphis in his teenage years, and the amazingly rich and complex soup of musical influences that city offered to a shy, sensitive boy with a huge love of singing and music of all kinds.The Elvis you meet

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    I was an Irish kid in Germany in 1958 my Dad worked in the AFEX system as an accountant when Elvis came over as an army draftee A family friend got his autograph for me which I lost soon after damn double damn and this is the point where this book the first of a two part biography closes It takes us from Elvis birth in Tupelo to his family s move to Memphis, his geeky high sch

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