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Change of Heart As A Young Gay Man And A Werepanther All Jin Rayne Yearns For Is A Normal Life Having Fled His Past, He Wants Nothing Than To Start Over, But Jin S Old Life Doesn T Want To Let Him Go When His Travels Bring Him To A New City, He Crosses Paths With The Leader Of The Local Were Tribe Logan Church Is A Shock And An Enigma, And Jin Fears That Logan Is Both The Mate He Fears And The Love Of His Life Jin Doesn T Want To Go Back To The Old Ways, And Mating Would Irrevocably Tie Him To Them But Jin Is The Mate Logan Needs At His Side To Help Him Lead His Tribe, And He Won T Give Jin Up So Easily It Will Take Time And Trust For Jin To Discover The Joy In Belonging To Logan And How To Love Without Restraint

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    Listen.Once you get past a wobbly first few pages, forgive minor plotting issues, and just sorta sit back and let this book happen to your face AMAZEBALLS CRAZY GO NUTS BAJARPANTI AND ASSPLODINGLY HAAAAAAWWWWWWWT. gag reflex on the aaaawww in hawt One passage in particular gave me a raging boner for an hour, ehrmergherd you gaiz, srrrssly, I cannot even Some people dislike the tropes so deftly deployed in this one, but not m

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    Hi, my name is Jenni Lea and I m a Calmes Crack Whore It s been 5 minutes since my last Calmes I tried to stop once but I almost died from lack of oxygen as my panic attack from thinking I would never get to read those addicting words took over.Now I don t fight it I just wallow in the goodness that is The Mary Freaking Calmes flipping the bird to all those friends who want to help me kick the habit Fuck them and their interventions Me and my fel

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    Jin is a panther shifter who has been on the run for over eight years At age 16 he was beaten by his own tribe and left for dead because he was an abomination See Jin is a reah, a destined mate to a tribe leader, but they re not supposed to be male or gay I read this book because of the raving reviews People loved the story and they were particularly praising about the world building And now I wonder did we even read the same book Because,

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    Perfect comfort re read Feb 2017 gonna do all 5 books again Yeah And it only took me 3 years to read Loved it On to the sequelLoved it

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    My mate is a man, and therefore I can be no other than gay Jin Don t judge a book by its cover has never been so true until I read this book after looking over it than ten times Shame on me because Change of Heart is amazing The chemistry between Jin and Logan is palpable and exploding Mary Calmes started this one off very well, she introduced me to this fascinating world with panthers and hierarchy I love them I love these big cats like my chocola

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    One of my first books in the m m genre.This review will be Tarzan talking.Jin is an unmated reah That means, he is destined to be the mate of one single semel That means, he is looked for by all tribes to be paired with its leader That means, he is respected and adored Yet everybody wants him dead Why Ah, I forgot, because he s the reah.Yet he hides himself because he thinks they won t accept him Why Ah, I forgot, because he s the reah.Yet he is not

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    4 Solid StarsThis was my third read by this author and as they say, Third time s the charm because the other two weren t that good but I really enjoyed this one Yeah, it s an insta love but what can I say I didn t mind it Alpha and his soulmate, two strong men who do everything to protect each other, they would even sacrifice themselves for each other One who wants to belong to somewhere and call it home, to belong to someone and the other accepts him

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    Insta love Is Its Downfall Third re read 24.11.2018 I hate myself for not loving insta love I love the concept of the book, I love the animalistic side of the characters, and I love Jin and Logan as characters and as a couple, BUT that damn insta love destroys it all for me I absolutely detest insta love and this book is so insta that it isn t fair nor should be allowed The whole book centers around a semel finding his reah but the timeli

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    This is my very first book of Mary Calmes and I ve been dying to read this series for forever But you all know as usual, too little time to read all the books Anyhow, started this book and I was very happy with it Jin is a male Reah and he s first in his kind in the history Reahs are the true mates of Semel which is the tribe leader of panther shifters He had been branded an abomination and thrown out of his own tribe for him being a male Reah and he s

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    I m not going to be bringing anything new with this review I will say however that despite this story embodying classic, standard Calmes plotlines and characters but with different names and settings it really works well in the paranormal world.The absurdity and plot holes can easily be explained away with the destined mates trope Claiming and possessiveness and Logan going alpha on Jin s ass are all acceptable Spontaneous sex whenever and wherever is ab

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