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Cethe 5 stars for worldbuilding I wish CD Projekt Red transformed this book into a new RPG game I d play the hell out of it I love how Becca Abbott uses the themes of corrupt priests and the control the church has over the population via religion.5 stars for the naragi cethe idea brilliantly imaginative and for building up Stefn and Michael s relationship5 stars for Becca Abbott s writing skills1 star for all Severyn s POV chapters up till the end I did not give two sh s about him3 stars for the entertainment of the book Just as with Reifu Rising the author builds and builds a great possible ending but when the ending comes it s left open, simple and rather meh I might be craving blood because I love battle scenes but come one, building an army, building a mildly interesting throne overthrowing plan and then fizzzzNow, here is a representation of myself while reading this book The book begins Michael makes Stefn his cetheThe plan for overthrowing Arami s throne is discussedRoyal petitions, the search for the elusive printing press, the find of the printing press, the use of the printing press, the search for Arami s pelthe dealer, the renovations of Shia castle, the rebuilding of the library in Shia castleThe throne overthrow plan is trying to be put in motion but karma and Loth have other plansThe poor Stefn stages near the end of the bookThe ending 540 pages later It was a nice, if longer than expected, ride I recommend it, especially if you are a fantasy m m fan. sob I m so sad I finished this book I wish it could have gone on and on Un put downable. Human Like, But Not Human, The Nara Ruled Tanyrin For Centuries The Most Feared Among Them Were Their Naragi, Sorcerers Whose Power Was All But Invincible Not Until The Coming Of Arami Lothlain, King Of Tanyrin And Blessed Of Loth, Did The Rein Of The Nara Come To A Bloody End For Four Hundred Years Afterwards, The Land Was At PeaceStefn Eldering Was The Youngest Son Of The Earl Of Shia, The Last In A Long, Proud Line Of Demon Hunters He Was Also A Sin Catcher, Living Proof Of God S Displeasure, The Shame Of His Existence Atonement For The Sins Of His Ancestors Michael Arranz Was The Son Of A Duke And One Of The Despised H Naran, Half Bloods Cursed With The Blood Of The Nara Running Through Their Veins Of All The H Nara, His Family Alone Was Immune From The Persecution Of The Powerful Church Of Loth, Protected By An Ancient CovenantIn Ordinary Times, The Paths Of Michael And Stefn Would Never Have Crossed Alas, Times Were No Longer Ordinary The Latest Of The Lothlain Kings Was A Weakling, Unable To Curb The Ambitions Of An Increasingly Powerful, Corrupt Clergy Famine Stalked The Land Fear Of The H Nara, Fanned By The Church, Spread Tentacles Everywhere Tanyrin Teetered On The Edge Of ChaosA Loyal And Devoted Friend To Tanyrin S Crown Prince, Michael Could Refuse Severyn Lothlain Nothing, Not Even When Severyn Asked The Unspeakable Of Him Determined To Wrest The Throne From His Brother, Severyn Intended Nothing Less Than The Resurrection Of The Ancient Naragi Michael, Whose Naran Blood Was The Purest In Tanyrin, Was The Logical Choice But For Michael To Become What Mankind Feared Most, He Needed A Conduit Through Which To Take The Powerful, Dangerous Magic Of The Dark Stream He Needed A Man Who Carried The Ancient Blood Of The CetheraHe Needed Stefn Eldering This Book Is Published By SL Publishing Group Slpublishinggroup Normally this would be the type of story I like, but the characters reactions were not convincing at all and simply made me appalled and disgusted by the story Stefn was raped by Michael in the beginning to make him his cethe, and fair enough, after almost no time passed Stefn acts towards him as if nothing happened and it didn t bother him at all And that was exactly what made me dislike the story to a degree I can t even begin to describe.Stefn gets whipped by Michaels grandfather and after a bit of crying he s alright again, at the end he gets raped times than he can count, but after an successful escape, thanks to Michael, this is all but forgotten and it doesn t take a day before he has sex with Michael again and is mentally totally fine.This lack of response to being tortured and raped was what made it impossible for me to enjoy the overall story.They can go and fuck or get fucked by unicorns or crocodiles for all I care, but this was simply horrid Admittedly, the plot was good and interesting, but I simply can t get over the fact that rape and torture is being trivilized like that Almost 5 stars but I will be generous with it because it s exactly the type of book I love and look for all the time long fantasy story with a significant gay romantic subplot It also had the hate each other in the begining thing And cool magic that can be powered by gay smut XD What can a fangirl ask for Bad points that make me hesitate about the 5 stars include several loose ends like the seme s father and his health problems that were never properly explained and that was hinted they could be solved by a practioner of the light magic and they should be able to have access to one by the end of the story Or like the poor Prince who was lusting after the wrong person and was about to marry the uke s sister which we never got to know what type of woman wife she d be and if they d get along Should I assume there s a sequel in the making and the loose ends were on purpose we never really understood what why some people had the Blood and could be a Cethe and what exactly did that mean How come a Cethe could endlessly supply energy like that I assumed they were some sort of medium between the river of magical power and the magic users, but what did that imply exactly and how come it was possible only through sex the characters in the beginning were kind of just thrown at us I never really remembered who was the one who got stabbed and if he appeared later on I got the feeling he survived I think Of course I could look it up on purpose, but I shouldn t have to D Anyway, my point is that some of the side characters like the prince s friends were very hard to remember and individualize. I absolutely adore this book I adore all Becca s fiction Cethe is such a complex and rich book that it s very difficult for me to write its review without ranting too much I simply loved Stefn and Mick s story If you re looking for a multifaceted fantasy book with a lot of background and world building this book is for you.If you re looking for complex main characters, who are by no means perfect but have their schemes, hidden agendas and weaknesses and who are not afraid to act bravely, and to be apart and still loyal to each other this book is for you.And, finally, if you like me are looking for a somewhatsweetMaster slave story that is not obvious and insta lovey this book is for you.And beneath all that we have a great many supporting characters, including the plotting prince Severyn And we have a world full of mythology and religious background and land s history and customs and superstitions Truly, kudos to the Author for creating such a compelling and intriguing story with its mediaeval ish atmosphere and quite a dollop of ancient magic.Highly recommended for rich and complex fantasy fans 01 18 13 Revised rating after a couple of years of reading m m from 4 to 3.This book kept me on edge until the very end It s a hard journey, full of violence and magic And love Eventually.The love story of this book begins in the most non romantic way a rape Stefn, the human protagonist, has the Blood It s not really explained what this means or why this happens, we later learn that through sex he can give to naragi, a supposedly extinct race of Dark mages, the energy they need to perform their spells Michael belongs to a family of witches, but he s powerful than everyone else and he needs to bond with Stefn to expand his powers Stefn doesn t agree to the bond in the first place, of course, and he resists Michael a few times.The bond between the naragi Michael and his cethe Stefn is apparently only sexual Even if Stefn is repelled by Michael, he is nonetheless attracted to him and he says it openly in one of the most reveling statements of the bookDon t want you Just need you .It sounds pure Stockholm syndrome, because, on top of everything, Stefn is a sin catcher, a creature of ill omen, and he is regarded as a cast away because of a birth defect Michael rapes Stefn at first let s say it s out of necessity , but he is not a heartless man and he shows Stefn kindness than everyone else before So, when Stefn realizes that he s fallen for Michael, we don t know if it is because sometimes you can t help falling in love with the first person that treats you like a human being, or the very person who holds you prisoner, or if everything depends on the magical bond.There is another similar bond in the book, but we are shown that the two men involved do not feel as close as Stefn and Michael Can I forgive Michael for the initial rape I think I can, because the very last pages of the book show the extent he is capable of to save Stefn and it shows that in the end the two are equals in their relationship Michael saves Stefn, but Stefn saves Michael too.I m not going to elaborate further on the rape I was able to read the book to the end, even if it made me squirm Be warned poor Stefn has to endure A LOT of abuse, what happens with Michael at the beginning is nothing in comparison, but it s told in passing but if you felt for Stefn like me, you can t help suffering.The world building was wonderful At the beginning there were a lot of names and terminology, so it was slow to read, but then it flew.The secondary characters are interesting If you read my status updates you ll understand that I had a hard time with Michael s best friend, Severyn, the prince who s scheming to become king Severyn is dead jealous of Michael and he s not an adamant figure, I think he kept something from Michael together with Michael s powerful grandfather.There s a lot of politics because the story takes place in a world where the secular power and the religious power are colliding It s a time of political and religious unrest and it was interesting.The book doesn t explore everything and I guess we will hear again from the Kingdom of Tanyrin, because the confrontation between the Church and the King isn t resolved, there s the marriage between Severyn and Stefn s sister to be celebrated and so much left to be explained.I d recommended this book to those who like complex world building and a fantasy setting, but not to those who resent relationships beginning with rape and those who are repelled by violence and torture. When I started reading this book I was hooked The writing was fantastic, the world building breathtaking and the story outstanding Watching Michael and Stefn s relationship develop from that of captor and victim to friendship and later love was very satisfying Their travels through the world of the humans and nara were intriguing, as were the political battles going on around them I couldn t get enough of it And then they were separated by the spoiled, jealous prince Severyn Everything just went downhill from there and something happened that made all of my excitement in the book fizzle and die out I read the rest in a sort of daze, no longer on the edge of my seat view spoiler The last quarter of the book just turned into Michael having sex with other cethe to replenish his magic and Stefn getting gang raped, raped and gang raped again And one of the most unbelievable things for me was how after being repeatedly physically and sexually abused throughout the book, Michael would show up and heal Stefn s physical scars and all would be well with the world I can t imagine the normal response to what Stefn went through being nothing hide spoiler I would love to find out what happened to Remy in the end I would love to know if Severyn liked his little wife I would love to know if there is going to be a sequel, even a short one There are a lot of things that are left unfinished The story, I thought, slowed down considerably around page 350 or so, but picked up again later, though I had a feeling it was a little rushed towards the end It was somewhat frustrating to deal with such uneven flow However, I can t deny I am in love with Cethe 5 stars.

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