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Dream a Little Dream Five Heartache Mountain Stars.This is my third time reading this book I loved it again It is truly heartbreaking Edward, bless his five year old heart will steal your own heart away I adored him.Rachel, what a strong, brave heroine Pain sliced through him He d been numb inside, just the way he wanted it but the two of them were cutting him open all over again Gabe, Gabe, Gabe Although this is part of a series, I really think it can be read as a standalone It was great to catch up with Cal and Jane again Horse isn t the kind of thing a kid forgets about Annie s cottage Written July 9, 20154.7 Stars Wonderful, touching, lovely simply greatThe last one for me to read in this lovely Chicago Stars series 11 30 hrs audiobook narrated by the FANTASTIC Anna Fields Once again I m happydancingI m not exaggerating, Susan Elizabeth Phillips is still one of the very BEST in this feel good m f genre Dream a Little Dream from the Chicago Stars football world is book 4 published 1998 and my seventh and last book not read in order standalones in this fantastic series See my reviews view spoiler in my reading order I first read two as paperbacks 2 Heaven, Texas 5 stars ,Gracie Snow Bobby Tom Denton 1 It Had to Be You 4.5 stars ,Phoebe Somerville Dan CalebowThen I started to listening to the audiobooks Every one faultlessly narrated by the fantastic Anna Fields 7 Natural Born Charmer 4.1 stars ,Blue Bailey Dean Robillard 5 This Heart of Mine 4,0 stars ,Molly Somerwille Kevin Tucker 3 Nobody s Baby But Mine 4.7 stars ,Jane Darlington Cal Bonner 6 Match Me If You Can 4.4 stars , Annabelle Granger Heath Champion hide spoiler I swear, books in this series are getting better and better Every next one I start I am like, wow this is the best And then I go to the next one and want to say the same thing about it To be fair I have to say all of them are amazing I can t believe it took me so long to start reading this series.It s a classic contemporary romance at its best The story, characters, angst and all the feels so wonderful Everything perfect and so well written I recommend to all of you who love good love story I am finding by reading this series back to back I am running out of creative opening lines for my reviews So I guess I will go back to the basics Simply put, I loved this book I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips writing I love her creativity With each one of ther books she gives you a little something that makes the story special In Dream a Little Dream that something was the sweetest little 5 year old boy who stole my heart within minutes of starting the book For me Edward was at the heart of this story He was the precious son of Rachel Stone s and the little boy that would help mend Gabriel Bonner s heart There was sadness in this one than in the others It surrounded Rachel, Gabe and even Edward But along with the sadness there was hope There was a bit of humor And then there was that thread of need and desire.Rachel Stone was a fighter I loved the beauty within her Rachel had chosen a life that at the time she thought would make her happy, a life that would be fulfilling But soon she was stripped of everything Her ex husband was a crook, hated by all and she was left fighting for her future and that of her little boy Gabe Bonner had lost all that was precious to him He had such a sad soul and he was living a life that he truly didn t care much about It didn t matter that he had a caring family He struggled to get past his heartache Things were not easy for both Gabe and Rachel Both of them had their own struggles It wasn t always apparent but each of them was giving the other a little bit of hope My heart broke for both of them Rachel was the first to realize that in his own way Gabe, was adding a little happiness to her life But she also had Edward to think about He was the most important person in her life His future would always come first.And even though something seemed to settle within Gabe he was limited to what he could offer Rachel and Edward She saw things within him that he wasn t sure he could change There is a saying, Love is patient, Love is kind.Love never fails Thank goodness for that And thank goodness for Edward He was an angel This was such a wonderful story It certainly was one that filled my heart to the brim And I will steal a line from my sweet friend Karen s review Romance books don t get any better than this. A fabulous read how I adored little Edward 5 STARS image error First of all somebody should kick my ass D This was my 1st SEP book I know, I m so late for this party and OMG, I loved this story soooo freaking much and I m planning to devour her books ASAP I avoided this book for some reason Possibly because I wasn t in the mood to read about a non athlete hero after falling through SEP s Chicago Stars I m glad I did get around to read it since it is one of the most heartwrenching stories I ve read Chip, Rachel s son, is absolutely adorable Especially his relationship with Cal s daughter, Rosie Gabe and Rachel s relationship grew slowly and pain was involved considering their pasts, but in a SEP s manner, they do end up together Ethan and Kristy were an odd pair, but I loved them too Ethan s mind was highly fascinating, especially since he was supposed to be the pretty boy, Pastor and instead lusts over skanky women Ethan was an ass throughout most of the book, but he was just protecting his brother Same with Cal He was especially cruel, but he had less emotional maturity than either of his brothers.The best part of this book was that everyone had flaws and bad things happen, but in the end, good things also happen It reminds me Ain t She Sweet without the guilty heroine needing a little redemption Rachel just had to survive a whole lot of hate, all because of a crooked husband I also like having children and family as part of the story SEP wins again. A Desperate Young MotherRachel Stone S Bad Luck Has Taken A Turn For The Worse With An Empty Wallet, A Car S That S Spilling Smoke, And A Five Year Old Son To Support, She S Come Home To A Town That Hates Her But This Determined Young Widow With A Scandalous Past Has Learned How To Be A Fighter And She Ll Do Anything To Keep Her Child Safe Even Take OnA Man With No HeartGabe Bonner Wants To Be Left Alone, Especially By The Beautiful Outcast Who S Invaded His Property She Has A Ton Of Attitude, A Talent For Trouble, And A Child Who Brings Back Bad Memories Yet Rachel S Feisty Spirit Might Just Be Heaven Sent To Save A Tough, Stubborn ManDare To DreamWelcome To Salvation, North Carolina Where A Man Who S Forgotten What Tenderness Means Meets A Woman With Nothing To Lose Here Two Endearing Lovers Will Set Off On A Funny, Touching Journey Of The Heart A Place Where Dreams Just Might Come True This book is intense SEP has a knack for taking these realistic characters, putting them in unrealistic situations, and making them flop around until the situation seems realistic again And it works This is such a fabulous book It just made my heart hurt For some reason, when kids are involved, I get much personally invested in the story When this story ended, I wanted to crawl back inside the pages and live in Heartbreak with the Bonners And once again, what a great ending line Made me grin Favorites shelf.

About the Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPSSusan Elizabeth Phillips is an international bestseller whose books have been published in over 30 languages She s the only four time recipient of the Romance Writers of America s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award, and a recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award Among her other accomplishments, Susan created the sports romance.Susan s newest book, FIRST STAR

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