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Lud-in-the-Mist Lud In The Mist, The Capital City Of The Small Country Dorimare, Is A Port At The Con Uence Of Two Rivers, The Dapple And The Dawl The Dapple Has Its Origin Beyond The Debatable Hills To The West Of Lud In The Mist, In Fairyland In The Days Of Duke Aubrey, Some Centuries Earlier, Fairy Things Had Been Looked Upon With Reverence, And Fairy Fruit Was Brought Down The Dapple And Enjoyed By The People Of Dorimare But After Duke Aubrey Had Been Expelled From Dorimare By The Burghers, The Eating Of Fairy Fruit Came To Be Regarded As A Crime, And Anything Related To Fairyland Was Unspeakable Now, When His Son Ranulph Is Believed To Have Eaten Fairy Fruit, Nathaniel Chanticleer, The Mayor Of Lud In The Mist, Finds Himself Looking Into Old Mysteries In Order To Save His Son And The People Of His City

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    30 odd years before Tolkein published The Lord of the Rings , a British woman named Hope Mirrlees wrote a fantasy called Lud in the Mist Neil Gaiman wrote an introduction to the edition I read and I can see that he meant every word His own Stardust draws very heavily on Lud in the Mist , especially in setting and tone Other recent novels that are reminisce

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    I read this mostly because I loved the title and that the residents of Lud must be Luddites I also observed that Neil Gaiman, a favourite of mine, recommended it very highly Written in 1926, Lud in the Mist is old fashioned and encompasses some out of date ideas, but mostly it is a fairy story for adults and it has a lot of charm The author was obviously well e

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    Neil Gaiman raved about this book, so I read it I wish I could have read it without knowing anything about it but I still liked it It was written in the 1920 s before fantasy tropes were so set in stone so it goes in directions you don t expect it to Also, it s as though the author never heard of the idea that fantasy is a juvenile and disreputable genre, so she tak

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    Neil Gaiman calls this a little golden miracle of a book , and I can see why.The writing is beautiful, the themes thought provoking, and the book as a whole is just so engrossing and satisfying It has that old fashioned classical quality to it, but never feels stuffy besides the two chapters of info dumping in the beginning The characters may not have the depth of those

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    A menudo parece que cuando hablamos de fantas a, no hay nada antes de Tolkien Nada m s lejos de la realidad, y remont ndonos en el tiempo podemos encontrar maravillas de la talla de La hija del rey del pa s de los elfos de Dunsany, Fantastes de MacDonald, o este Entrebrumas, entre otras Qui n no se ha preguntado en qu bosques misteriosos nuestros ante

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    Izgleda da je Lud in the Mist Lud u magli Lad Ko bi ga znao najpoznatiji nepoznati fentezi U tom smislu da je objavljen 1926 i da je njegova istinski ekscentri na i jednako istinski bogata autorka posle toga uglavnom batalila pisanje mo da je smatrala da je u dvadeset petoj rekla sve to je imala I da je slede ih devedesetak godina njegov uticaj na fantastiku, naro ito britansku, v

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    Neil Gaiman made me do it Er, for those who don t know, Neil Gaiman touted Lud in the mist as one of the best yet most overlooked Fantasy novels of the twentieth century, and in my humble opinion he slightly, just slightly, oversold it Sure, it s a beautifully written book, and Fantasy notwithstanding, surprisingly timeless actually, it s pretty hard to believe it was written in 1926 ,

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    Undeniably cute and obviously influential I feel Gaiman s whimsy and Feist s take on the eeriness of faerie Short, often acerbic or funny, full of imagination and a fascinating blend of fairy tale, detective novel and quest story, I think everyone who loves fantasy should stop by this book to see some of our roots However, like so much of important history, while I learned a lot, I am not s

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    Of course, I come to this novel via Tim Powers, who quoted it quite tantalizingly and memorably in Last Call as one to which Scott Crane and his late wife often referred in their intimate shorthand with one another At one point Susan s ghost, or at least the chthonic spirt of alcohol that is impersonating Susan refers to a blackish canary canary as in the sense of a shade of yellow rather than t

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    This is a tale of the relationship between Fairyland and ordinary life, which puts it at the heart of my favorite storytelling traditions Born during the late lifetime of fellow countryman George MacDonald relevant works Phantastes, Lilith , and just thirteen years younger than G.K Chesterton Orthodoxy , Mirrlees seems to write under the guidance of the same muse that led them It

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