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Whispering Woods (Magic: The Gathering: Greensleeves, #1) While I really enjoyed the first MTG book, Arena, I thought it lacked a decent explanation of how the magic actually works I mean, where do the summoned creatures come from and where do they go when a battle is finished In this book, an attempt was made to do some explaining about this and really helped the reader get a better grasp on just what is happening during wizardly battles In this book, summoned creatures are real beings simply being teleported into the sight of a duel and remain behind aftwards until sent somewhere else by a wizard This system makes sense to me than the one in which monsters are just created from nothing or summoned from some kind of void in a wizards pouch.The story in this book is also fun and fast paced Greensleeves and her brother Gull are introduced and begin their adventures under the employ of a wizard after their home is destroyed by a wizard duel While the book may seem a little kiddish especially the characters names , the story is actually detailed, violent and gory, with all the good elements of a good pulp fantasy A fast and enjoyable read. I enjoyed this than I thought I would going in, after my experience with Arena.I think I just enjoy larger narratives overall, plus this author has a bit skill at writing the action scenes There s a lot less repetitive language, at the very least.The ending is a bit of a deus ex machina situation, but it s forgivable in the context There s at least a logical should have 14 quotation marks around it, but it makes sense in universe at least reason behind Greensleeves finding her powers suddenly Lily doing the same out of nowhere is a bit of a stretch and was a bit convenient to solve the we re imprisoned somewhere we could never possibly escape from scenario.Side note Hate the name Greensleeves Make this shitty song stop playing in my head right now.I m just going to stick to critiquing the plots from here on out These aren t exactly literary masterpieces, nor do I expect them to be But this book was a big step up from Arena and was much easier to read from end to end, no first half boredom this time around. Gull Shouldn T Have Taken The Job This Wizard Is Worse Than Any He S Heard About Before Between Tavern Brawls, Magical Battles, And A Strange Artifact Turning Up, Gull Is Kept Very Busy And Now That His Half Wit Sister Is Beginning To Gather Her Wits, Gull Really Has His Hands Full Oh, man, this sucks The situation, not the book This is the first thing by Clayton Emery I really enjoyed, yet I m giving up on it Here s why I basically grabbed this because I wanted to try out one of the pre continuity MTG novels, see if they were worth checking out, and this was the cheapest I saw The problem is that apparently this is the first in a trilogy, and the price gets much steeper after this one Gah So while I was enjoying it, I wasn t enjoying it THAT much, so I just set it aside Maybe one day they ll all be on Kindle or something.In any case, I made it almost halfway through and was enjoying the hell out of it The game is a little text than subtext in this story, as wizards literally fight duels and summon creatures as slaves to work for them But I was fine with that The characters Emery creates here are fascinating, and he sets them in a world that isn t as grimdark in itself as, say, the Warhammer world, but holy hell, there are some dark moments in here Overall I dug this, and hope they bring all these old MTG novels into the light at some point so I can read them cheaply easily. Definitely not as good as the first book Choppy and confusing at times But it finishes fairly strong, and makes me want to read the third book After a short break. This was my second Magic novel and I still haven t become a fan yet sadly Whereas Arena moved ridiculously slow, Whispering Woods moved so fast it ignored any character development thus avoiding any feeling of a fulfillment of fantasy epicness.The story is interesting as the reader now has the ability to witness the destruction and carnage that an innocent bystander would view while watching a wizard battle instead of participating in it This was a fast read, but it almost seemed that the author felt that he was going to stretch this out over multiple books but found out halfway through that wasn t the case and simply gave us the bare bones of the story line Not always a good path to take in the fantasy genre. My first, and only, Magic The Gathering novel29 August 2013 It wasn t going to be long, not with the popularity of the Magic The Gathering trading card game, for Wizards of the Coast to capitalise on the phenomena and release a series of books based on the game Seriously though, Magic The Gathering is like the crack cocaine of the roleplaying world they made bucket loads of money on the product enough to pretty much buy T R that they didn t need to capitalise on it at all All they needed to do, which is what they have done, is to continue to release expansion packs and revised editions and the money would simply keep on rolling in I like Magic The Gathering it is fun to play and it is also fun to build the decks upon which the game is played It was also fun trading cards to get your hands on those elusive rares and out of print cards to make your deck even better I spent hours, and thousands of dollars, on this game, and now all I have to show for it is my red goblin deck, my black Breeding Pit deck, and my green weenie deck, as well as a few prized cards that I did not end up selling when I sold the rest of my collection on ebay and my collection does include a Fast Bond, though I don t believe I have my Demonic Hordes any , though I do have 4 Mazes of Ith, a common card still worth 20.00 a pop I ve got back into the game again since I found a shop that hosts sealed deck tournaments here in Melbourne, and I pop in once a month or am planning on doing so, since I have only been once so far While I am not going to go hell for leather with collecting cards any though if a booster pack does pass my way with a shiny mythic rare, then yoink I really don t remember much about this book except that it would mention certain cards as it went through the story, and a part of me thought that I could make a deck with all of the cards that were in this book, that is until the Black Lotus was mentioned The funny thing with Magic The Gathering, is that the ultra rare, out of print cards, such as the Black Lotus, can fetch hundreds of dollars a pop and the current price of a Black Lotus is around 5500, rounded up Hey, I thought that you could actually invest in Magic Cards, and it is something that I might actually consider, though I must say there is always a risk that 1 nobody actually wants the card when you want to turn it into cash and 2 nobody plays Magic The Gathering any Still, the price of the multi lands have gone from 25.00 when I last played to game to 120 now Not only does it form a hedge against inflation, but the longer it remains out of print and the longer the game remains popular the expensive the card becomes However, I have already outlined the risks, and since I am not an investment adviser, please don t rush out and spend 5500 on a Black Lotus and then try suing me because that piece of cardboard has become worthless. I was fairly disappointed in this book, although the basis of my opinion is or less a comparison to the other books written behind the Magic card game.The plot is thin, and the story is told from one singular point of view The main character is a simpleton, and the story is told entirely from his na ve point of view This made for a boring read The main character was bland with no particular capabilities aside from some brute strength because he was essentially a lumberjack and an inordinate amount of luck He consistently beats well trained combatants of different races and skill levels, out of a combination of luck and bull rushing One thing that was particularly bothersome was how his writing and grammar changed Dialogue was written different for each speaker as it should be, but sometimes the writing outside of the dialogue would change too, which made for a lot of rereading just to make sense of what he is trying to convey Sometimes it would change from third person viewer to first person viewer without a change in verbiage.Overall, it s readable, just frustrating at some points where it shouldn t be I haven t read the next books in this mini series, so I can t speak to whether the story gets better or not. This book has a totally different feel than Arena the first Magic the Gathering book Instead of following an experienced strong wizard, it show the world of magic from the other end of the spectrum, the people that don t know magic, and the ones that might even fear it. The second Magic The Gathering novel ever published, this is the start of a trilogy and it s kind of an interesting read at that Although it s a really hard book to get these days it still explores a bit of the world of Magic However, this has little to do with the current mythology of MTG, but you do get elements that will continue up until today.You get the idea that wizards are what we now call Planeswalkers, and you see a couple of occasions where people who were not previously walkers get their spark ignited and can suddenly cast spells Here they become a bit like gods, able to draw to themselves beings from other planes of existence to use in great battles among themselves What is interesting here is the fact that the book focuses mainly on the innocent victims of these great battles, for the most part Wizards summon creatures who do their bidding even against their own will, after the battles they wake as if from a dream, far from home, lost and having caused great destruction in the surrounding area, hence hated by everyone Our main characters are collateral damage from a battle, they lose their family and village when two wizards fight The wizards are anything but the heroes here, they are selfish, inconsequential bastards and those who work for them are little than cattle However near the end of the book two characters have their magical sparks ignite and that promises future interesting things in the next two books in the series I am quite looking forward to reading them, this isn t bad at all.

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