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The Scorch Trials Solving The Maze Was Supposed To Be The EndThomas Was Sure That Escape From The Maze Would Mean Freedom For Him And The Gladers But WICKED Isn T Done Yet Phase Two Has Just Begun The Scorch There Are No Rules There Is No Help You Either Make It Or You Die The Gladers Have Two Weeks To Cross Through The Scorch The Most Burned Out Section Of The World And WICKED Has Made Sure To Adjust The Variables And Stack The Odds Against Them Friendships Will Be Tested Loyalties Will Be Broken All Bets Are OffThere Are Others Now Their Survival Depends On The Gladers Destruction And They Re Determined To Survive Holy klunk, this book is INSANE During this entire book, I counted how many times Thomas ended up passing out or sleeping either at the end of a chapter or paragraph and did you want to know what the finally count was29 29 times this guy blacked out Out of 360 pages, Thomas left you with the cliff hanger of and finally he slept 29 times Sounds fun, doesn t it If this didn t annoy you at all, reread this book NOT RECOMMENDED and realize that this dude spent most of his life passed out Then try to tell me you didn t notice it.Although this book was fast passed, a lot of it was filler and this book could really just have been shrunken into about 100 pages at the max.I gave this book 2 stars only because James Dashner was able to create such real characters by giving them actual human qualities This is mostly referring to Newt and Minho since they seemed the most real and fleshed out This compared to other characters like Thomas who had about as much personality and emotion as a burnt piece of rat meat on a stick He s also about as smart as that which I don t understand since all the Gladers were suppose to be extremely smart children who where put in the maze from the last book because of their high IQs.Apart from the few inconsistencies in this book, the one thing that never made any sense to me was that if everyone in there is suppose to be named after super smart person like Isaac Newton, etc , then who is Frypan named after If someone figures it out, please tell me.EDIT P.S I think I get that Frypan is a nickname now thanks. The lyrical genius of Dashner brings out such heart wrenching emotions that I often have to pause to collect myselfAnybody else wanna pee their pants and cry for mommyThomas s innermost thoughts have this je ne sais quoi I felt her absence It was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth.. Somebody, please, send help What the mess is happening to this plot Instead of a giant maze, we are faced with the zombie apocalypse and a desert WhiplashEssentially, we have a few hundred pages of running, panicking, poor decision making and filler I m absolutely torn as to whether I disliked the lazy writing or the shoe horned romance LAZY WRITING Anyone else notice that every twist and turn plays perfectly into WICKED s Evil Grand Plan.But don t worry, whenever things become absolutely hopelessthere s convenient reemergence of essential memories so that they can continue along WICKED s path Anytime something inexplicable happens which happens a lot , Dashner throws out the either the memory wipe or the all knowing government excuse It s such a cop out.Honestly, Dashner keeps trying to make WICKED a thing but it just doesn t work for me I mean, how serious can I take an uber evil government when their grand scheme was to build a maze with slime monsters to view spoiler combat a disease hide spoiler What the hell Even though I have sometimes enjoyed a book and not really liked the sequel, it s very rare that I would love one and absolutely hate the other I desperately tried to finish it but I was bored, I kept getting distracted by either my family, my cats or some random fluff on the carpet so I just skim read it to the end and gave myself a basic idea of what the conclusion was I truly loved The Maze Runner, even though quite a few people found it annoying particularly the protagonist and not the best written book ever I found myself dragged into the maze with them, trying to solve the mystery why are they there How do they get out Can they get out And so on But this second in the trilogy was so disappointing Thomas was even annoying, we d already lost the best character Chuck at the end of book one and the story just didn t grab me Maybe because it took me a while to get what they were meant to do cross a desert basically and when I got it I thought how lame.I just felt nothing for this novel, the characters, the plot I wanted it to end and that s never good Mostly I felt as if Dashner himself didn t know where he was going with it Where The Maze Runner was structured and clever, this story all felt a bit random and haphazard I found myself wishing that the author could have just rounded the first book off at the end and not bothered with a second installment it seemed like a money making scheme than a contribution to the overall story Plus, Thomas must be both the most boring and unrealistic character ever.Another thing that annoyed me in both books, but stood out in this one because it didn t have a gripping plot to distract me from it, is that the author tells you everything A good author knows how to show the way things are, if that makes sense, and it makes for much better writing Dashner continually tells the reader what Thomas or whoever is feeling rather than letting them realise it for themselves instead of saying something along the lines of Thomas eyes grew cloudy with suppressed tears , he would instead say Thomas was really upset And, therefore, it simply did not flow But the worst thing for me is the constant inexplicable sensing going on Countless times in the novel Thomas just knows that something is dangerous or an individual can be trusted because he gets a feeling and just how the hell does he do that There is no rational explanation for it and the author doesn t seem to be developing some sixth sense storyline as of yet It all seems a bit ridiculous to me That s why I won t be reading The Death Cure, it s unfortunate because I was really looking forward to this sequel.

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