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Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs Heather Lende is the author of the best selling Memoir If You Lived Here I d Know Your Name which was about her life in the small town of Haines, Alaska Right before her first book release, she was riding her bicycle and got hit by a truck Very scary, and she came close to dying Interestingly, death is something she is familiar with because she is the town s obituary writer The essays in this memoir are about her long recovery, and how it has had an effect on her faith, and her observations of life in her home town.I like her writing style, its like talking to a friend swapping stories, acknowledging those little ah ha moments, and it touches something deep inside the human experience the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next Reading her words can slow down the rush of our busy lives and connect us to something bigger Very enjoyable, with one icky story about hunting I could have done without, other than that I liked this book For TV s Gold Rush fans, her friend John Schnabel and Porcupine Creek are mentioned 4 stars for this kindle version. I am not sure why I liked this book less than If You Lived Here I d Know Your Name It might be because Lende referred over and over and OVER to her accident which was a terrible one, being run over by a truck while she talked about other people and their misfortunes Not that she isn t entitled to talk about it, it being her book, but after a while I started thinking there had to be a way for her to write about empathy and sympathy without constantly bringing up her own woes.Still, it made me want to live in her town and know her. The Alaskan Landscape So Vast, Dramatic, And Unbelievable May Be The Reason The People In Haines, Alaska Population So Often Discuss The Meaning Of Life Heather Lende Thinks It Helps Make Life Mean Since Her Bestselling First Book, If You Lived Here, I D Know Your Name, A Near Fatal Bicycle Accident Has Given Lende A Few Reasons To Consider Matters Both Spiritual And Temporal Her Idea Of Spirituality Is Rooted In Community, And Here She Explores Faith And Forgiveness, Loss And Devotion As Well As Raising Totem Poles, Canning Salmon, And Other Distinctly Alaskan Adventures Lende S Irrepressible Spirit, Her Wry Humor, And Her Commitment To Living A Life On The Edge Of The World Resonate On Every Page Like Her Own Mother S Last Wish Take Good Care Of The Garden And Dogs Lende S Writing, So Honest And Unadorned, Deepens Our Understanding Of What Links All Humanity This is a lovely follow up to If You Lived Here, I d Know Your Name It seemed a little personal especially regarding her serious accident and a little less structured around others lives and deaths, but its essential nature was the same There are a lot of exquisite moments, and I hope she writes books. I have always had a bit of a crush on Alaska and the strong people who choose to call it home I read and enjoyed Ms Lende s first book several years ago and finally decided to read this book I don t know why I waited so long because I loved it I love her way of telling readers about life in a small town in Alaska, sharing the joys and the heartbreaks In this one, I particularly appreciated her connections to her Episcopal faith as I, too, am an Episcopalian Each chapter made me feel like I was reading a daily blog of her life than a book They were a collection of delectable morsels about family, friends and personal struggles that I could very much relate to. While I didn t find Lende s second book as compelling as If You Lived Here, I d Know Your Name, I did appreciate the almost meditative quality of this book and the thoughtfulness with which she covers many of the same topics here community, friendship, the balancing of Alaskan cultures, family, death, home, work, marriage In addition, this book weaves in the incredible story of her horrendous bicycle accident and prolonged, hard earned recovery physical, emotional, spiritual I like that she doesn t segregate her history of personal trauma and struggle to just one chapter as if such an event can be closeted off from the rest of life until things are back to normal , but instead reveals her struggle a few bits at a time when they fit in with other pictures of how people in the small, Inside Passage town of Haines, AK, handle life, accept challenges, celebrate, grieve, work, and build community The descriptions of her accident and recovery are never cloyingly presented she does not share her story to solicit sympathy In fact, her first mention of the accident is almost a passing comment, then the in depth description of the accident itself is presented from a factual, almost detached perspective like that of the professional journalist she is rather than like that of the individual who experienced the unbearable shock and pain of an accident that almost killed her and required years of challenging commitment and effort to rebuild muscles, strength, and confidence Similarly, she threads her mother s death and her own grieving process across several different chapters, blending it with the stories, defeats, and triumphs of others in Haines The chapter focusing on the raising of a newly carved totem pole beautifully illustrates the power of community while also providing insight into Alaskan history, cultures, and values. 3.5 rounded up Beautifully written and thoughtful book that looks at life in this small Alaska town, weaving nature, faith, and native lore into the stories I liked many of her insights, but felt like some of the stories went on a little long. Sometimes I don t think I am meant to read memoirs Once in a while one really resonates with me but the majority of the time I read knowing I am supposed to be gaining some kind of understanding of a universal truth but not quite grasping it within the stories I think a good part of my difficulty with memoirs is that they often do not run in a linear fashion with the story moving in chronological order This is certainly true of Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs by Heather Lende.This is Lende s second book with the first being If You Lived Here, I d Know Your Name News from Small Town Alaska Both books revolve around the citizens of Haines, Alaska and the impact that living there has on the author Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs begins as Lende prepares to go on a book tour for her first book but is literally hit by a truck instead Her months of recuperation, the illness and death of her mother, and writing obituaries for the town residents lead her to reflect on her community and her faith The book is deeply spiritual without being preachy and Lende is able to add some humor to what might otherwise be a very somber story.Lende moves fluidly throughout time tying together the past, the present, and even hopes for the future One memory or story gives birth to the next as she tells the stories of those she knows and has known While the book was interesting in parts, there was much that simply failed to capture my attention I am not sure if it is because the wilderness setting of such a remote Alaskan town has no connection to my life or if it was because I was unable to relate to the various characters and events portrayed in the book It is also very possible that I was simply not in the right frame of mind when I was reading it due to my own personal circumstances.I think Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs will appeal and resonate with a great many people I just don t happen to be one of them. With the ascent of Sarah Palin on the national scene, Alaska has enjoyed a resurgence of interest, so the timing is perfect for Heather Lende s Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs Lende writes for a small local newspaper in Haines, Alaksa, and handles the obituaries She shares the stories of some of her neighbors, including a feisty 57 year old whom she visited as a hospice volunteer The woman had everything organized for her death her will, insurance, sister s phone number she even paid all her bills and packed up her belongings so that no one else would have to do it Lende s mother had a different view of death Her mom had lived for twenty years with chronic lymphatic leukemia, but she never spoke of her impending death, even when her husband asked if she had anything she wanted to say to him or her children All she said was take good care of the garden and the dogs The year before her mother died, Lende was riding her bike when she was struck by a pickup truck She was severely injured, and had to go to a nursing home in Seattle to rehabilitate Her time there was eye opening, and many people will recognize her experiences I liked how her faith came into play, and each chapter opens with a short verse, many of them from the Book of Common Prayer Lende shares her faith, and her writings about trying to live her faith I found similar to Anne Lamott s book, Grace, Eventually, which I loved We also see how life in Alaska is unique Lende skins and guts goats, eats bear tenderloin, grows much of what they eat, and keeps hens for eggs She describes an elaborate adoption ceremony with the local Tlinglit tribe, filled with food, gifts and songs that is fascinating, as is her story of how the entire town helped to raise a huge totem pole carved by a local person She said that her goal is to give readers a window into a specific time and place and by being so local and personal, tap into emotions they may have too She succeeds in writing this lovely book. I read this book because my sister in law lives in Haines, Alaska, the small town that Heather Lende writes about in this and her first book I ve visited this town and life is certainly different The winters are harsh and many of the things the rest of us take for granted are not so readily available Like our choice of supermarkets or having a hospital close by When the writer was literally run over by a truck, she had to be airlifted to a trauma hospital in Seattle And here is the next coincidence I found in her book My mother was operated on by the same excellent orthopedic surgeon in the same hospital The writer recovers with the support of friends and neighbors So life in a small town in Alaska has its inconveniences but the upside is that the community is a real community They re there for each other and neighborly because they re all in the same small boat She relates stories and anecdotes about incidents and accidents and histories of many of the colorful residents It draws you in and everything is washed in a poetic cozy homespun glow Life in this town harkens back to a simple time, when people built their own houses and grew their own food and pulled together to help each other out Many people hunt and fish and their houses are decorated with hides and stuffed heads and antlers She describes hunting goats and bears As a vegetarian, this is a part of the book I didn t like She also talked quite a bit about her involvement in church and her faith which I also didn t relate to but that is who she is and I still found the book interesting and enjoyable and philosophical.

About the Author: Heather Lende

Heather Lende is an obituary for the Chilkat Valley News in Haines, Alaska She is also a former contributing editor at Woman s Day, a columnist for the Alaska Dispatch News, and author of Find the Good Unexpected Life Lessons from a Small town Obituary Writer 2015 , a memoir of faith, family, and community Take Good care of the Garden and the Dogs 2010 , and NY Times bestseller, If You Lived

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