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Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution Girls To The Front Is The Epic, Definitive History Of Riot Grrrl, The Radical Feminist Uprising That Exploded Into The Public Eye In The S And Included Incendiary Punk Bands Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens To Betsy, And Huggy Bear A Dynamic Chronicle Not Just A Movement But An Era, This Is The Story Of A Group Of Pissed Off Girls With No Patience For Sexism And No Intention Of Keeping Quiet

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    REVOLUTION GIRL STYLENOOOOWWWW So began the primal scream of a frustrated girl, an angry band, a feminist movement Girls to the Front is about the Riot Grrrl movement of the early 90s, and when you speak of Riot Grrrl, you speak of Kathleen Hanna and her band Bikini Kill Hanna released her rage against the sexism that surrounded her through m

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    According to the library print out left inside this book, in 2013 someone else checked this book out along with Excluded Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive, The Riot Grrrl Collection, and How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You.I want to know that person.I was a smidge too young when Riot Grrrl was a thing that was happening I

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    Tobi Vail has discussed this book here and here Johanna Fateman has discussed it here.Allison Wolfe discussed it here I found all of their reviews and insights to be a great supplement to the actual book, since Sara Marcus worked on this book for five years, researched the hell out of it, but didn t cover everything or get it all right You could say t

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    I felt profoundly disappointed by this I feel almost as if I had another expectation of what Riot Grrrl was, and this book sort of killed it.Sadly, I felt like there was a structural problem to this book The author was either too in love with the subject, or she wasn t removed enough from the activities There was a tonal problem to what was written her

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    i was nervous but excited to read this book i bought it six months ago kept putting it off because i wanted to be able to really relish it, i kept thinking i should read my library books first i always have a new library book but i finally read this last week it was awesome.first of all, i m not going to pretend that this is perfect book all historical

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    1 Girls to the Front has a lot of issues That s fine Or it could be fine I mean, in theory But Girls to the Front also has a lot of problems, and ends up being totally disappointing and weirdly tone deaf Oh God, is that even acceptable in a discussion about a music book Ugh Probably not Sorry, everyone OKAY, to be fair maybe it is less GttF

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    1 I decided to read this book because I am very interested in Riot Grrrl culture and the feminist revolution in the 1990 s It interested me because it was written by a woman who was a part of the revolution and gave first hand recounts of what happened, as well as interviewed some of the girls who were at the front lines of the revolution.2 This book comp

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    Reading Girls to the Front made me realize how little I really know about riot grrrl In my defense, during the years portrayed in this book, I was attending a suburban Catholic university with a conservative administration and a mostly conservative student body The fact that I read Gloria Steinem and listened to Tori Amos made me radical than about

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    You would think that the author of any true story would not cherry pick the truth, but that is exactly what Sara Marcus did As a contributor to her research and analysis for the book, and as a character in the story, I was surprised later despite rounds of corrections to see the extent to which she went on to simply ignore my first person accounts and inste

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    Every Girl is a Riot Grrrl Was the message of this book that I could relate to I graduated from high school in 1999 in a very small town in upstate New York My cousin Jeff, who was 3 years older than me, introduced me to hardcore punk rock and skating music, and I gobbled it up I loved the energy of the mosh pit, the political rants, plus, I could throw elbo

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