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Quicker Than the Eye The Internationally Acclaimed Author Of The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, And Fahrenheit , Ray Bradbury Is A Magician At The Height Of His Powers, Displaying His Sorcerer S Skill With Twenty One Remarkable Stories That Run The Gamut From Total Reality To Light Fantastic, From High Noon To Long After Midnight A True Master Tells All, Revealing The Strange Secret Of Growing Young And Mad Opening A Witch Door That Links Two Intolerant Centuries Joining An Ancient Couple In Their Wild Assassination Games Celebrating Life And Dreams In The Unique Voice That Has Favored Him Across Six Decades And Has Enchanted Millions Of Readers The World Over Some really great stories, and some meh ones Highlights for me were Another Fine Mess, The Very Gentle Murders, Dorian in Excelsus, and Last Rites The Very Gentle Murders was my absolute favorite, about a very old couple that s been married forever and are trying to kill each other but make it appear to be an accident It was hilarious This is a great collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury I love them all..Bradbury is indeed the master of short stories, a literary magician per excellense..He creates worlds full of life out of ordinary peoples, events, circumstances and items And yes, in his books he also loves and celebrates life and unveils himself as the master story teller which he indeed is I cannot recommend this collection highly enough This stories had made me laugh, cry, and to sit quietly, marvelling and digesting what I had just read that woman on the lawn A terrific tale, born out of a dream, writen like a poem A young man awake every night to see a young woman in front of his house searching and crying, after chasing her again and again, he lastly discovers an amazing life changing truth exchange This is my absolute favorite story After long years abroad a man visits for a few hours the town in which he grew up in search of old friends and his childhood The train waiting, and with only a short time to be there, he visits the library to meet his memorys..Full of melancholia and magic..A classic, Bradbury at his best Terrific and awesome the other highway Another terrific story A family with children in a car busy driving, discover a different and deserted way to drive home..They will be confronted with life itself And will have to make a decision with lasting repercussions..This story is about the real values in life, and how to deal with deception Terrific again, I fall short of adjectives to describe it accuratedly and vividly enough..So, at the end of the day its up to you..But let me say that if you will choose to read this collection, you will have made a great choise indeed..It will not disappoint you, that for sure, and will open your eyes to see life itself, and ordinary items, things and events, also people in a completely different light This book is an genuine eye oppener and will leave you with hunger Hunger for of Bradburys terrific tales this timeless magician and word smith will give you something to think about..Dean As far as genre fiction goes, this short story collection is good writing Adverbs are nonexistent, adjectives are seldom used, there is creative usage of verbs, and exposition is minimal without any info dumping All kudos and probably why I was able to read the collection Sadly, although there is nothing wrong technically with these stories, they are all fluff There is nothing to make you stop and think, simply no room for contemplation They are a fast paced read with clever plotlines that are revealed at the end of each story In no single story did I care about any of the characters or the events they experienced It is rather sad to see a writer who can clearly express his ideas well focus solely on the plot and not bother to let a reader actually care for something And on plot, many of the stories lingered in the realm of ghosts, in one way or another So, that type of fantasy story needs to appeal to the reader.The afterword by Bradbury irritated me to no end He came across as so full of himself and his abilities that it was a total turn off The focus is on his enthusiasm for writing but with the message that speed is everything, well sorry to say, but BS Yes, the pacing is important, but if that is the only focus, then this collection is the result a mediocre, superficial, cleverly plotted collection of short stories with no character The stories may be technically contrived, but they are artistically deprived. I have been a devoted Bradbury fan since I first read FARENHEIT 451 in high school Some say he is over the top I say they are too closed in their thinking Granted, Bradbury is an acquired taste His word choice is unique, confounding, and even sometimes bizarre But after reading one of stories, you will understand why he chose to describe something the way he did Some of the earlier reviews about Bradbury s works have stated that he has focused too much on the dying notion of a 40s or 50s childhood, that he has repeatedly mined and recycled his ideas only to make them bland or less impacting To those reviewers I offer my pity Yes, he has seemed to stick with a certain age and storytelling that lends him to recycle an idea or two, but that is where the magic happens in his storytelling Just when you think that you ve read something like this before, Bradbury takes your hand and reassures you that this is a different version, one to think about, ruminate over, or discuss with your own imagination.Bradbury encourages you to look beyond what you think you know and explore different realms of thought and possibility QUICKER THAN THE EYE not only offers a reader to escape into a world of wonder, but makes a wonder of the known world Not all of these stories are the proverbial homerun, but take a look at these ones Zaharoff Richter Mark VRemember Sascha The FinneganThe Very Gentle MurdersAt the End of the Ninth YearBugExchange I m sure that if you read these stories you will see how a true craftsman can beguile an audience through wordplay and story, description and setting There is also an afterword, where Bradbury urges everyone to make every moment and possibility everlasting, important, awe inspiring if you ve ever had any notions of wanting to write yourself, this afterword may be the encouragement and fire you ve sought but never found You may have had your doubts about Bradbury in the past, but forget about those reservations and allow yourself to become lost in his creation.We can all use a bit of time in someone else s playground every once in a while Don t you agree

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