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Return to Paradise Caleb Becker Left Paradise Eight Months Ago, Taking With Him The Secret He Promised To Take To His Grave If The Truth Got Out, It Would Ruin EverythingMaggie Armstrong Tried To Be Strong After Caleb Broke Her Heart And Disappeared Somehow, She Managed To Move On She S Determined To Make A New Life For HerselfBut Then Caleb And Maggie Are Forced Together On A Summer Trip They Try Ignoring Their Passion For Each Other, But Buried Feelings Resurface Caleb Must Face The Truth About The Night Of Maggie S Accident, Or The Secret That Destroyed Their Relationship Will Forever Stand Between Them

10 thoughts on “Return to Paradise

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    Sweet, fun, entertaining. I m glad I read it After reading Leaving paradise I was so disappointed that I didn t really want to read the sequel The first book started so damn good but it was just ok by the middle except some good parts , and then it ended in

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    What to say, what to say .I enjoyed Leaving Paradise, but not as much as I was expecting to So, when starting this, my expectations weren t very high And because of that, they were met.I just don t like the characters or the story, for that matter, ne

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    OMG That was the most beautifully poignant book ever God, I m such a cry baby It ended perfectly It had such a beautiful message and left you feeling so good I am so happy for Caleb and Maggie Leah stepped up her game in this one and really surprised me I lov

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    3.5 5 StarsUnfortunately Return to Paradise wasn t any better than Leaving Paradise I still didn t feel a connection towards the Maggie and Caleb and didn t like how they behaved towards each other in this book But I really liked the ending, I found it very cu

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    I m in the minority here, but this book was just okay It s not that the writing was bad, but there wasn t much of a story The same issues that we saw in Leaving Paradise were re hashed over and over again in this one I m not quite sure why there was even a seco

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    After becoming accustomed to brilliance from this author, this one was really disappointing I think what bothers me most about this sequel to the amazing Leaving Paradise, is that I don t think the author stayed true to the characters Caleb was simply awesome in

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    I don t know what it says about my attention span, but the one thing I am hung up on in this book is the phrase in the last chapter that reads Please wait until the aircraft has come to a complete stop before deplaning Deplaning..is a word According to the dictio

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    My first official read of 2017 though technically speaking I started this last year My overall impression is that this narrative had some good points and some very bad points keywords rampant cliches and overly drawn out drama , but overall left a neutral impressi

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    I loved this as much as the first book, but I ll admit there was some frowning when I found out Maggie and Caleb were in the same group convenient much I love this couple, they are so sweet and cute together and it almost makes my heart bleed I want what they have,

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    1.5 starsHonestly, I just didn t get what the point of this book was Really why did there need to be a sequel when it had no strong plot I would ve preferred to just leave it at the first book without the last chapter that lead into a sequel.I loved caleb in the fir

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