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Twelfth Grade Kills It All Comes Down To ThisVlad S Running Out Of Time The Elysian Council Has Given Him Weeks To Live, And That S If The Slayer Society Doesn T Kill Him Along With All The Citizens Of Bathory First Then There S The Issue Of Vlad S Father, Who May Or May Not Still Be Alive After All These Years, And Oh Yeah, That Tiny Little Detail In The Pravus Prophecy About Vlad Enslaving Vampirekind And The Human Race So Much For College ApplicationsIn This Epic Finale To Heather Brewer S Heart Stopping Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod, Dark Secrets Will Be Revealed, Old Friends Will Become Enemies, And Warm Blood Will Run Cold Just Be Careful It Isn T Yours I haven t finished reading the book, but I have decided how I feel about it And I already know the basic ending Spoilers don t actually spoil the ending for me they only encourage me to discover them for myself As a teenager, I could relate to Vladimir but, I don t know if I m the only one who feels this way, I have trouble imagining Vlad as a twelfth grader, 17 or 18 years old The narrative provided portrays him as the young boy he was when he started in the series I honestly see no growth or maturity in his character He sounds like a wimp.Also, what s up with this Pravus stuff It s stupid enough to have Vlad be a Gary Sue or whatever they re called , but then to have his girlfriend who so stereotypically died and then became a vampire thanks to the hands of a stupid boy be hinted at to be the Pravus too I hate such cliffhangers, especially at the end of a series end it on a definite note, like The Last Olympian or Ghost Hunter It s funny how he couldn t tell the future after that last part in the novel And it s even funnier that Snow may very well be what Heather Brewer wanted to be when she was a teen beautiful but still different and a vampire I think Snow is just a better version of Brewer I mean no offense when I say this, but I can see it.Like others have said, the novel is cliche But, the good thing about Heather Brewer is that, despite the annoying cliffhangers foreshadowing, she can draw her readers further into the novel and keep them thinking about it after putting it down.Maybe she should lay off trying to relate Vlad to a normal teenager, with all that romance video game idiocy She illustrates him as some all powerful monster, yet she still wants to say he s like any other teen Hardly.And I love how she said, Vampires, after all, didn t sparkle SUCK IT TWILIGHT Although there are some things that should be different, I am otherwise very happy with the novel Maybe I ll read the book on Joss, but he s really just too full of crap to me. The wait for this book was absolutely nerve racking and it was even worse since I desperately wanted to know what happened next after the last book ended in the worst ever cliff hanger But with this final book and the way it ended I honestly don t see how it can be the final book was worth the wait I absolutely loved it And seeing that I ve only read it in two days I m extremely exhausted but extremely happy I didn t wait to borrow it from the library or allow myself sleep this past couple days.This time around Vlad is down to the wire in this life He s missing Snow whom he actually loves, he doesn t want to die by the Vampire Council evil hands or by his friend dispite all the odds Joss, he doesn t want to believe that he s insane from drinking a vampires blood not to mention you feel insane just reading it and in all this he still has to remember school every day So much happened in this book that I m suprised that it wasn t longer, but I still feel very content with the flow and how it ended Auntie Brewer really delievered with kick ass action, jokes, and plenty of blood that would make Sweeney Tod look like a Disney, well something along those lines But I still can t except though I m sure in time I will that this is the final book I love Vladimir, he s probably the most relateable character I ve read all year and I m glad that we got the chance to meet This is how you do real vampires Cause real vampires don t sparkle. I didn t warm to this series fully until the fourth book, when I could overlook Brewer s sometimes clunky writing and flat portrayal of teen angst in favor of a strong arc involving Vlad s father and Vlad s place in the vampire realm Then this book ruined everything After leaving readers to dangle at book four s end with a great though not unexpected twist, Brewer picks up in this final book and tosses in another twist so rotten, I felt like she played a dirty trick for the sake of making the story exciting I finished reading this book feeling like I d been totally played Brewer seemed to prioritize plot over her character, destroying much of the good she had built with the sophistication of a six year old destroying her own carefully constructed block tower.I ve read other, better books in which some heartbreaking deaths and betrayals were also necessary, and were rendered so that readers could see and understand the necessity Brewer comes across as simply not skilled enough to pull it off Of all the ways she could have resolved this series, she went with something really unsatisfying.This series finale disappointed me like few others ever have Knowing what I know now, I wish I d never read any of the books, and especially not this one. Firstly, I didn t realize this was the last one in the series, I thought there would be , this changes my opinion on it a bit concerning the ending, but I ll come back to that in a bit.I started this series curious, and I enjoyed it but wasn t wowed, I kept coming back to it though, I couldn t seem to stay away and as each new book came out I found myself bringing it home from the library, it was the same with this one I did think to myself do I really want to read it, I have so much else to read but I couldn t get myself to take it back And I m glad I didn t take it back it has been a while since I read book four, so I had to try and remember who everyone was but I was soon back into the story, it looks like it continues from where the last book finished Vlad is in his final year of school, but he s not sure he ll see the end of it Both the Elyssian council and the Slayers want him dead, if one doesn t do it the other will.The storyline with his father was great, I wasn t sure how Brewer would bring him back, but she handled the plot very well and made it so everything made sense I didn t think she could answer all the questions it would raise but she did.I love that Snow is back in this book, she s one of my favourite characters I still think Nelly is fantastic too There is a lot of mistrust and trickery in this book and I found it all very exciting, I read this in less than a day, and really enjoyed it.There were a couple of points where I didn t think the author was making complete sense, things would happen and I would be like no that s not right, how does he she do that then something else would happen and it would all make sense It keeps you guessing throughtout.This book does tie up a lot of lose ends and comes to a good conclusion, but then the very ending, the last chapter opens up a whole other can of worms, at the time of reading I was sure there would be another book in the series, but now I ve found out that it s supposed to be the last one, I m not as satisfied, i want to know what happens next, you can t finish with a sentence like that and not expect to come back to it, unless she is going to do another spin off series I haven t read The Slayer book yet, but it s on my list Also the whole thing with Eddie wasn t completely solved, what happens to him So overall I m in two minds about this, I did really enjoy the storyline but am now disappointed with the ending I am still going to give it the rating I was originally, as I don t think it quite deserves as low as 3 stars, plus as one last thought it had a redeeming feature, on Page 99 it says this Vlad wiped her lip gloss from his lips with the back of his hand Vampires, after all, didn t sparkle LOL FANTASTIC Love it This is what saves the rating, go Heather Brewer Hrm Not the best ending this series could have gotten.Actually, the ending kind of stank entirely Vlad totally overreacted when Snow died Some of the death scenes at the end of the novel were incredibly rushed and smacked the reader across the face, leaving us with a breathless, Wait, what just happened sort of feeling.There was really no time to mourn any of those who passed And Nelly s funeral only got one and a half pages, which was pathetically short for someone so very central to the storyline since book one.Not only that, but I can t say I was shocked to find out the truth about Vlad s father His reemergence into the series for just the last book, all willy nilly, was simply far too fishy to just roll with.The last few lines in the book still have me wanting Somehow, I get the inkling that Vlad s going to get a sequel, perhaps taking place in Stokerton University Only time will tell. What a great YA series I truly enjoyed it Oh boy, everyone Oh boy Just WAIT until you read this one What a disappointing way to end the series Once again, 12th grade suffers from the same problems that Heather has refused to address in her writing throughout the entirety of the series, either from sheer laziness or stubbornness I can t say which, and in no other book was it so apparent as here namely shoddy pacing and childish rendering of motivations and feelings I wish I could remind her first hand that the best way for any author to relate what their character is feeling on the page is to SHOW us, not to TELL us Someone in your life has just died Your world has been turned upside down The apocalypse seems to be around the corner I don t need to be told that you re feeling upset and anxious I can figure that out for myself The next major problem is the complete and utter lack of pacing in this book Throughout the series Heather has set up several major problems that seemed to be building up to a huge climax and yet instead of giving each one the page time it s due she deals with them one after the other in lightening quick secession Each of these major topics is given only ONE chapter in which to resolve it s self and not one of those chapters comes in at over 5 pages long That to me reeks of lazy writing instead of rushing out this book she should have taken the time to craft each event carefully There s a reason writers like King and Gaiman put manuscripts down for months at a time and then come back to them and this is exactly what those actions are designed to avoid.You d think that other than that I d have something positive to say about this book since up until now the other books possessed some sort of charm which kept me from thinking them a total waste of time and yet there s nothing Tensions between characters are pale shadows of what they should be When the major deaths in this book happened they seemed glossed over at best considering how disproportionate Vlad s grieving was over a pair of deaths that happened years earlier in comparison to ones that occur right before his eyes And the plot holes Dear god the plot holes are so big I could drive an army of semi trucks through them and still have enough room left over to have the Enterprise lead the calvary And while this is a personal gripe I do wish Mrs Brewer would take a page from King s On Writing and stop describing her character s wardrobes They re painfully bad and immature come to the dark side we have cookies Since when was that t shirt popular with anyone over the age of 13 She also manages to hit every cliche in the book here including the ever popular let s play up the death of a character who we know is not really dead just because it conveniently gives us an opportunity for the main character to Power Up and the always laughable evil family member Gee whiz, who didn t see that one coming Oh well, when all is said and done I keep asking myself what did I really expect I read the series voluntarily and got pretty much all that I asked for mindless brain munch good for in between midterms, plus let us not forget that as a female adult college student I m not exactly the target audience here I just can t help from feeling disappointed though, despite everything I was looking foreword to seeing how the series would end and instead I got a hot mess that couldn t even keep it s own mythology straight much less tell a believable and convincing story.As for this being the last of the Vlad books I don t buy it There s so much left unsaid here that at times it literally seemed to be screaming save stuff for the sequel but if she continues to write like this I wonder if any publisher would be interested in one Characters Vladimir Tod, the main character, is half vampire and half human and he struggles a lot with the fact that he does not fit perfectly into both worlds His parents die in a house fire when he is very young and he blames himself for that He is a very nice, smart and caring boy My only complaint about him was the fact that, to me, he didn t seem like he was 18 in this book I had a really hard time picturing him and his friends as seniors in high school and had to keep reminding myself that he was 18, not 13 My favorite character would probably have to be Henry, Vlad s bestfriend drudge He is very funny and entertaining and he is extremely loyal to Vlad which are great characteristics to have Despite only being human, he does manage to kill a few vampires along the way Overall, the characters were interesting and fun to read about Each had its own distinct personality and together they made the book better Relatability Despite this being a vampire book, that is not all that it is about It is about family, love and what a person will do in order to protect the people they care most about Most people will do just about anything to save the people they love and that is the most relatable aspect of this book Cover I really like the covers for these books The cover changes as the characters in the book change The first book takes place during Vlad s eighth grade year and the boy on the cover represents that This book takes place during his senior year of high school and that is represented by the older version of Vlad on this cover Also, the smiley face with the fangs is pretty cool I like how for each book the smiley face is a different color Overall Impression Not my favorite, but it concluded the series nicely There were no unanswered questions and there was even a mini cliffhanger at the end Rating Check out the review at my blog

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Heather Brewer is the pseudonym of Zac Brewer but you can call him Z.Zac is the NYT bestselling author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series, as well as The Slayer Chronicles series, Soulbound, The Cemetery Boys, The Blood Between Us, and short stories than he can recall.He grew up on a diet of Twilight Zone and books by Stephen King He chased them down with every drop of horror he could

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