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The Death Cure It S The End Of The LineWICKED Has Taken Everything From Thomas His Life, His Memories, And Now His Only Friends The Gladers But It S Finally Over The Trials Are Complete, After One Final Test Will Anyone Survive What WICKED Doesn T Know Is That Thomas Remembers Far Than They Think And It S Enough To Prove That He Can T Believe A Word Of What They Say The Truth Will Be TerrifyingThomas Beat The Maze He Survived The Scorch He Ll Risk Anything To Save His Friends But The Truth Might Be What Ends It All The Time For Lies Is Over

About the Author: James Dashner

James is the author of THE MAZE RUNNER trilogy and THE 13TH REALITY series He also published a series beginning with A DOOR IN THE WOODS with a small publisher several years ago He lives and writes in the Rocky Mountains.

10 thoughts on “The Death Cure

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    This book was wait a moment Let me bang my head until the author proves that there is one book to be published for us readers, or if this book was just a really, really good joke.Omigosh Do not tell me that this is the last book of this trilogy Do not tell me that the author just didn t answer all the questions we were waiting for And please do not freaking tell me that this is what we readers are get

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    Well, that was a major disappointment.Was it just me or did it feel like the author had absolutely no idea where to go with this story I still feel like 90% of the book was left unexplained And for me it was completely a cop out view spoiler to have Thomas refuse getting his memories back If Thomas, our MC, doesn t remember then the author doesn t have to bother thinking up an explanation hide spoiler

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    Wait are you telling me that the government completely anticipated every last move and this was exactly what was meant to happen Again Between the all knowing governments and coincidental memory loss, this book really lost my interest Everything is so freaking convenient The Maze Runner was intriguing.The Scorch Trials went a little left field This one is so far out of the ball

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    GAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I just read the synopsis on BN s website and it sounds totally EPIC Cannot wait 5th most popular book this month Alright Dashner DANG I actually did not fancy this book at all view spoiler Ugh I hate to say it but I was extremely dissapointed by the finale of The Maze Runner series, The Death Cure It was written well like the other books but I have to say that the plot and the end were terrible I can

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    1.5 stars It s a very old axiom, but do you believe the end can justify the means When there s no choice left NO No, I do not Especially when the end, which in this case is the supposed resolution of 900 pages worth of suspense and mystery, ultimately ends up being bullshit There is no explanation for anything and what little there is turns out to be the biggest fuckfest I have ever had the misfo

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    MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOMEokay I think I made my point CANNOT WAITTTT why do authors like to torture people ___

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    A message to everyone reading this review Hi It s nice to discuss The Death Cure with all of you There is a smorgasbord of grammatical mistakes in my review, and as I look back on what I wrote, I find myself disagreeing with myself When I have time to re read the Maze Runner trilogy and its prequel, I will review each book again, and hopefully I will do justice to what is indubitably one of the best cabin slash dys

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    hmm. where to beginFirst, the title The Death Cure A little misleading perhaps I THINK SO There s NO cure There s not even hope for a cure Let s just all give up on our ridiculous plan to save the world that ended up having NO medical support at all La de dah de dah The death cure my foot.Second, this book really got me thinking why the heck is Thomas the almighty one I don t know how old he is, but I m just going to go out

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    Ok, first off I m going to say that I loved Maze Runner and Scorch Trials I ve been waiting for this final book for a long time The author does a great job with fast paced writing and action packed scenes The mysteries and puzzles were what intrigued me about this trilogy in the first place Right as you re trying to get one thing straight in your head, another crazy mind trick gets thrown at you, making you shake your head an

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    Rated 1 to 1.5 starsEver since I picked up the first book in this series, I ve thought to myself This book is only good if the ending is good Turns out it was nothing surprising and lacks substance.Major complaints The author did not explain WHY they need to put all these subjects through all these Variables Only a very loose and generic rationale was provided It just seems like a very poor excuse on the author s part to throw

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