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Nightsong old school romance epic saga really disliked the main character the silver wench the characters around her made the book especially her sister the pirate rogue. Living In Exile On The Island Of Jamaica, Rye Evistock, Better Known As Captain Kells, And His Beautiful Wife, Carolina Lightfoot, Are Waiting For Kells To Be Cleared Of A Trumped Up Treason Charge In England Kells Decides To Return To Buccaneering One Last Time In Order To Gain Enough Money To Settle Down In Peace After Anxious Months Of Waiting For Her Husband To Return, Carolina Finally Sights His Ship On The Horizon, But At That Moment, Catastrophe Strikes In The Form Of An Earthquake That Destroys The Harbor Town And Leaves Kells And His Ship Nowhere To Be Found Devastated, Carolina Leaves For England, But Her Ship Is Captured By The Spanish At Havana And She Is Given To The Governor S Aide As A Slave To Her Utter Amazement, The Aide Is None Other Than Kells, Suffering From Amnesia, And Believing Himself To Be Spanish Desperate To Regain His Love And Convince Him Of His True Identity Before Their Hated Enemies Discover It, Carolina Hatches A Dangerous Plot That Could Free Them Bothor Seal Their Death Warrants Loved it when i read it 20 years ago..Hope it will come out in Kindle soon. synopsis carolina and kells have settled down in jamaica, waiting for kells name to be cleared in england kells goes on one last run in his ship as his ship is pulling back into port after months away, an earthquake strikes, and the ship is pulled under carolina sees kells ship going down, and knows that she is truely alone as carolina is heading to england, her ship is taken by the spanish and she is taken prisoner rescued she is given a slave, and that slave turns out to be kells, although kells doesn t know carolina or even who he is.what i liked honestly, it s like a soap opera, but better, because i don t really like soap operas the drama, the he s dead, no, he s alive, wait, it might be a double, oh, he remembers i liked that they finally got their happy ever after.what i didn t like this book was a little bit over the top than the other two. I loved the first two books in this trilogy LOVESONG and WINDSONG , so I was very much looking forward to NIGHTSONG The first two books both started out slow for me, and took a little while for me to get caught up in NIGHTSONG was the opposite I was caught up right away When the earthquake struck I was completely mesmerized And then Carolina, believing Kells dead, finds herself in Havana, with her sister Penny, and from that point on I struggled to stay interested In Havana, Carolina is reunited with a very much alive Kells As a slave bought by the governor and gifted to his friend Kells, who everyone, including Kells himself, believes is Don Diego Vivar Normally I love an amnesia plot Sandra Brown, THE WITNESS But this one just got ridiculous Carolina tries to convince Diego that he is really Kells He s insulted and angered that she would dare to compare him to a notorious buccaneer Carolina suddenly seems convinced that he s not Kells, he s really Diego, and just looks like Kells At which point I almost threw the book across the room Then she realizes that he is indeed Kells, and if anyone else in Havana recognizes who he really is his life will be in danger Penny In the second book I was thrilled to get to know their sister Virginia I did not care for Penny nearly as much And Robin Tyrellugh He and Penny deserve each other Toward the end I seriously wondered if Carolina and Kells would ever have an HEA And I didn t even really care I just wanted it to be over Will I read this author again Yes But maybe not for awhile. Kells chooses to go to sea and leave Carolina behind He doesn t come back Carolina finds herself having to flee their home She thinks he s dead Then, miraculously, she finds him, alive and welland with amnesia Carolina has to make him fall in love with her all over again if she wants to have her happily ever after This was my favorite one of the three.

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