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With Abandon Love Was Never Part Of His Plan Until It PouncedAs Heir To An Old And Proud Heritage, Aubrey Reynolds Works And Lives For His Family, His Employees And His Pack Agreeing To Watch After A Visiting Werewolf Is No Big Deal Until He Discovers The Newcomer Is His Mate His Very Male Mate Which Is A Very Big Deal, Indeed Revealing His Sexuality Was Never Part Of Aubrey S Well Ordered Life PlanMuch As He Loved Caring For His Eight Younger Brothers, Matt Mahihkan Knows It S Time To Grab The Opportunity To Attend College In Atlanta Realizing Aubrey Is His Mate Should Have Been A Delightful Experience Except Aubrey Treats Him Like A Dirty Little Secret Than A Lover Yet Matt Is A Patient Man Aubrey Can T Stay In The Closet Forever Can He In Time, They Settle Into A Comfortable, If Complicated, Routine Until A Rogue Werewolf With An Axe To Grind Forces Aubrey To Add To The Wedge Of Secrets Driving Him And Matt Apart, Leaving Matt Exposed To Danger And Aubrey Forced To Choose Between Love And Duty Product Warnings Contains Color Abuse With A Really Bad Sense Of Fashion, A Southern Accent From Hell, Sex On Antique Furniture, A Pouncing Playful Werewolf, Obnoxious Siblings, Liberal Use Of A Color Identifier And Impatient Sex No Lightning Bugs Were Harmed In The Making Of This Book

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    This is from when I read the book the first time from 03 21 11 to 03 22 11Review Part One Aubrey is an AssholeAubrey was a giant asshole Matt was sweet and lovableAubrey was still an asshole image error

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    A tough one this.Langley is amazing, this book is a wonderful read charming detail, witty diction, tight plotting, phenomenal love interest in Matt.The problem is of course Aubrey, snide, petty, and detached throughout I know that in intervii

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    Before I started reading I really wanted to give With Abandon 5 stars Then, as I began to read I wanted to give it 4 stars Really I did, but there were so many nasty little thoughts coming from Aubrey that I found it impossible The problem wasn t the f

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    This was a 4.5 star read for me I know many of my friends have said things against Aubrey and it is possible I ll be the only one saying this, but I loved him I loved Matt as well, of course Who wouldn t love Matt He was sweet, playful and kind Aubrey on the oth

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    3,5 stars and now the wait is on for Sterling s book..

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    First of all I recommend you to check my buddy review because it s the best EVER way to explain also my fellings about this book Click here to B s the pissing rainbow unicorn review AUBREY IS A JERK so to add comments about the main character of the story, Bubbles used the term as

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    FINALLY 4.5With Abandon, is the highly anticipated book four in the With or Without series I am a fan that has been waiting impatiently for the latest instalment in this highly addictive series, and this book does not disappoint However, my least favourite in the series, it was still a pleas

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    Pretty good, yet somewhat disappointing paranormal m m romance about a closeted alpha werewolf who s convinced himself that he can secretly enjoy his male mate for a few years, then let him go with no one the wiser I never warmed to the alpha and there was a stalker, which is what, the second or third

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    Mmmmh, I m disappointed I enjoyed the book a lot, but I was really mad at Aubrey Did he redeem himself at the end for what he made Matt go through I don t think so Now, I can put up with assholish characters if they are a truly and irredeemably assholes and that s what they are and you have to suck it up and li

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    I m not really sure what I think about this one I was hooked the moment I started reading it, but I was aggravated and frustrated the majority of the time Matt was so adorable, but I wish he would have been assertive and stood up for himself Aubrey kept pissing me off I mean, I did like the guy, but enough is enough I d

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