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Snowflakes and Embers Deseem Was To Be A Gift To God, Trained From Birth To Be A Priest But When His Father, The King, Is Short On Allies And Heirs He S Ordered To Become A Bentan Bride Left With No Choices And Options He Braces Himself For The WorstLiam Is Used To How His Magic Frightens People And He S Learned To Like His Isolation He S Content Being A Watcher And Finds Real Joy In His Work The Last Thing He Wants Is A Bentan BrideWhen Destiny And Chance Bring Them Together They Both Have To Struggle To Build A New Life Status CompleteWord Count Approx ,

About the Author: S.A. Payne

So, ya wanted to know about me well, nothing to know I m from a quiet Penn Dutch area with my husband, a herd of dogs, and WAY too many cats.The husband and I work for ourselves, no money in it but better than 9 to 5 for some other idiots, and it leaves me time to write Which, I m told, is a very good thing.

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    Okay, I just finished this.Let the review begin.The summary sounded really promising, and the beginning of the story was great as well.Prince Deseem is fourteen years old when he s told he will be married off to a stranger once he s a little older for an alliance in order to strengthen Bastion, his father s kingdom, which is currently at war w

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    4.5 starsFor anyone that really knows me, they know how much I love certain aspects inside the m m genre Fantasy, arranged marriage, cruelty and abuse, quasi Stockholm Syndrome, emotionally messed up and broken characters, kidnapping or hostage situations, all those elements always end up making an exceptionally great book, in my eyes With Snowfl

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    Loved this Loved the characters, loved the story, loved it all But it s been too long since I ve read it to say anything much specific I can say that I m very excited about the sequel novel to be written at some unknown future time.Generally speaking, I ve really enjoyed pretty much everything I ve read from S.A Payne s subscription website I think she s

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    3.5Fascinating It ended up quite different, and less dark, than I d anticipated, with far less mindfuckery and none in the main relationship The world building and the Bentan Bride, forced feminization concept were fantastic, though the mind control elements happen mostly off stage, which turns this into a long hurt healing story very, very long The story spraw

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    This book is just magical I was sucked into the universe Payne created and I didn t want to leave Deseem and Liam s storyGAH read it for yourself Have tissues, chocolate, coffee, water, and sleep aids handy I swear you won t be able to put it down FANTASTIC read

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    Snowflakes and Embers should have been tightened up and cut down 300 pages It was too wordy and too repetitive Is he doing it out of duty Or is he really physically attracted to me Would I be taking advantage of him Does he really love me Am I capable of loving him Ugh So many lonely nights and misunderstandings could have prevented if the author had done this one thing le

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    Well, this book had such a good ratingI finished reading the book and I am really disappointed The book is less than average It is too slow, the character are silly, the plot was good but turned silly It is a shame because it is well written.

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    3.5 5Hmm Mixed reactions.It s good Well written It s got a lot of details, and a high plus is it usually wasn t presented in a series of info dumps as some books do The characterization was pretty good The world is fascinating and seems rather interestingly complete and highly fascinating, especially Bastion traditions However, there was markedly something lacking Yeah, it was engagin

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    This book is so great I can t say it enough For those who like romantic fantasy it s perfect I loved everything about it

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    It s good, very good read Although I have some issues with this one, so 3.75 5 stars Firstly, I have to say that I am not a big fan of polygamy Okay, I don t like it and I don t think that in a book with characters like Liam and Deseem, who are pretty damaged and need to rebuilt their trust , including idea of echangism, threesome, slowed the story and hited my nerves The characterisation of Dess

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