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Yentl the Yeshiva boy Recognizing That Yentyl Seems To Have The Soul And Disposition Of A Man, Her Father Studies The Torah And Other Holy Books With Her When He Dies, Yentyl Feels That She No Longer Has A Reason To Remain In The Village, And So, Late One Night, She Cuts Off Her Hair, Dresses As A Young Man, And Sets Out To Find A Yeshiva Where She Can Continue Her Studies And Live Secretly As A Man This is a REALLY quick read I have loved the music in this movie since I was little The older I get, the I understand the lyrics and the I love it That is why I wanted to read the book the movie was based on This book is just a short story and breezes through the first half of the movie in just a couple of pages It is quite a bit like the movie which i have found and unlikely with each story i read I do miss the music and shockingly Hollywood was kind with conversations that were borderline offensive in the book Anyway, I did like it I just missed the music I guess, like Chicken Little s Runt of the Litter, I guess, I m a fan of Barbara Streisand The story is of a young woman, Yentl, who secretly studied religious books with her father When he died she felt it was worth leaving her town to pass herself off as a man she called herself Anshel to continue studying her religion. Um conto sobre uma mulher que n o sabia costurar e cozinhar nem tinha paci ncia para aturar as tagarelices das outras mulheres e muito menos suportar as ordens da sogra Queria estudar, ser livre Quando o pai morre, corta o cabelo, veste se de homem e abandona a aldeia N o apreciei muito o conto porque o facto de ter visto o filme obstou o elemento surpresa do enredo e o de imaginar o rosto e figura das personagens Yentl indissoci vel de Barbara Streisand Como a escrita n o tem grandes flores afinal um conto esta leitura foi chochita.Normalmente, n o leio um livro de que vi o filme nele baseado, mas como j passaram d cadas pensei quer isto dizer que tenho boa mem ria Valha me isso Una ragazza destinata al matrimonio per le regole della societ in cui vive alla morte del padre si traveste da maschio per poter realizzare il proprio sogno studiare, in particolare le discipline della propria religione, fatto negato al genere femminile Le varie vicissitudini che si trover a vivere le faranno capire chi e cosa vuole Un racconto breve di Isaac B Singer, autore Yiddish premio Nobel 1978, divenuto cos noto da aver preso forme teatrali e cinematografiche Queste ultime grazie alla regia ed alla interpretazione di Barbra Streisand, in cui l eterna questione della ricerca di se stessi viene accompagnata dalla magnifica voce della cantante newyorkese. Its a fun little short story I recently watched the movie Yentl again for the first time since I was a little girl a little yeshiva girl, actually I took for granted that I could freely pursue a Jewish education and study Torah I disliked my yeshiva and struggled academically I wound up abandoning my Judaism in my late teens,mand rediscovering it again in my late 20 s Now that I m 40, in an interfaith marriage and raising a child, I have embraced Unitarian Universalism, which allows me to pursue my Jewish roots in a safe space, free of restriction and judgment I have embraced Buddhism in my practice as well.Watching Yentl as a grown woman, I fell in love with the passion this young woman felt towards pursuing her own path and journey in her studies and her faith At the end of the credits, I saw that it was based on a short story I had to order it from my library, as it was hard to find This story is straight to the point, and much sadder There is less character development but it succinctly lays out the story of this woman born with a man s soul.As is usually the case, the book is different from the movie as that it ends tragically, but there is a teeny glimmer of hope at the end.It s a quick read, and well worth your time

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