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Across the Universe A Love Out Of Time A Spaceship Built Of Secrets And Murder Seventeen Year Old Amy Joins Her Parents As Frozen Cargo Aboard The Vast Spaceship Godspeed And Expects To Awaken On A New Planet, Three Hundred Years In The Future Never Could She Have Known That Her Frozen Slumber Would Come To An End Fifty Years Too Soon And That She Would Be Thrust Into The Brave New World Of A Spaceship That Lives By Its Own RulesAmy Quickly Realizes That Her Awakening Was No Mere Computer Malfunction Someone One Of The Few Thousand Inhabitants Of The Spaceship Tried To Kill Her And If Amy Doesn T Do Something Soon, Her Parents Will Be NextNow Amy Must Race To Unlock Godspeed S Hidden Secrets But Out Of Her List Of Murder Suspects, There S Only One Who Matters Elder, The Future Leader Of The Ship And The Love She Could Never Have Seen Coming

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    3.5When I found ACROSS THE UNIVERSE at the library, I spent several minutes trying to decipher what the cover was I finally decided that the cover featured space fish kissing before I realized that it was actually a girl and a boy trying to kiss, Spider Man style.Before you laugh, look Lip Locked FishVERSUS CoverTold you.

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    I ve heard it mentioned before that DNF Did Not Finish reviews were useless and self indulgent Why would someone want to read a review by someone who didn t even finish the book My answer to that There s always going to be a small fraction of reviewers who don t connect with a book and can t finish it, but to dismiss all DNF reviews, I think, is problematic Especially for an author.Because it s not necessarily the reader s fault for not

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    I didn t enjoy Across the Universe as much as I thought I would Like most YA, after the first 100 pages, you know you re reading a novel written for teens That isn t a bad thing, but readers looking for a deep, complex novel, aren t going to find it here.ETA YA is not synonymous with shallow Some writers think it is, but it isn t They think that because they re writing for teens, they get a pass to write a book filled with plot holes I don

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    There were a lot of problems with this book Some were parts that just fell flat when they should have created some intrigue, and some were full on fail I think I can divide my issues with the book into four categories Flat Characters, Obvious Plot Twists, Science Fail, and Bad Storytelling I ll keep the spoilers behind cuts, and try to give a fair account and some suggestions for improvement Let s start withFlat Characters Amy is a girl She s g

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    I had much trouble forming my thoughts about this book to write a review Across the Universe is a hard book to describe Yes, it has that lovely cover that beckons everyone to read it Yes, it has an interesting premise Yes, it has all these elements to make it a brilliant read, something fresh and exciting But, for me, it just didn t give me everything I had wanted.Dystopias and I have a love hate relationship I love The Hunger Games and Unwind but

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    3.5 stars The movie Passengers with the God like Chris Pratt made me really want to read this book.I actually couldn t finish the movie, because I thought it was too slow and the romance was just too expected, but the book entertained me quite a bit.The ship itself Godspeed is pretty curious It has its own separate levels and functions and the world inside it is reminiscent of a dystopian one The setting is honestly my favourite thing about this book T

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    Video full series review spoiler free 2 11 17 After reading the second book and having time to sit on it, I m lowering my rating of this one from 3 stars to 2.5 stars The sequel was fine, but this first book was a rough start and was a mostly negative experience for me.Original 2 6 17 I wrote some harsh things about this book on Twitter and in earlier reading updates about how it was offensive, so I want to address that This book is a dystopia, which I di

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    Really enjoyed this I loved all of the twists and surprises The characters were just okay though This could have been a 5 star book, I think, if I d loved them I think Harley was my favorite I m excited to read on and see where this story goes

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    As science fiction, or as a dystopian space mystery this book was pretty much awesome I loved the idea behind it frozen people being transported on a spaceship to a new planet, destined to arrive in 300 years from take off but, uh oh, not everything goes to plan Someone is reviving the frozen people in their containers with the intention of letting them drown.I really liked this whole aspect of it, and I ve never been a space story fan I never cared for Star Wars,

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    Space is awesome I say that like I ve been there For all you know, I have I could be a certified astronaut in the U.S Space Program who took time off from being in space to write fiction about being in space and that s why I ve been on Goodreads so much I could be You don t know.Okay, so I m not I haven t nor probably never will go to outer space, but that doesn t stop me from thinking it s the coolest and most awesomest thing in the universe Which as a matter of fact

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