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Behind the Attic Wall They Were Watchingand WaitingAt Twelve, Maggie Had Been Thrown Out Of Boarding Schools Than She Cared To Remember Impossible To Handle, They Said Nasty, Mean, Disobedient, Rebellious, Thieving Anything They Could Say To Explain Why She Must Be Removed From The SchoolMaggie Was Thin And Pale, With Shabby Clothes And Stringy Hair, When She Arrived At Her New Home It Was A Mistake To Bring Her Here, Said Maggie S Great Aunts, Whose Huge Stone House Looked Like Another Boarding School Or A Prison But They Took Her In Anyway After All, Aside From Uncle Morris, They Were Maggie S Only Living RelativesBut From Behind The Closet Door In The Great And Gloomy House, Maggie Hears The Faint Whisperings, The Beckoning Voices And In The Forbidding House Of Her Ancestors, Maggie Finds Magicthe Kind That Lets Her, For The First Time, Love And Be Loved

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    Okay so this book has been the hardest book for me to ever remember I read this book in 7th grade so I must have been about 12 or 13 That time in my life was a very difficult time for me family wise I was a very depressed kid with lots of issues I had to write a book report in 7th grade and this book totally caught my attention A book about a

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    A refreshing coming of age story with a distinctly spooky twist.Also, it would make for a FANRASTIC movie I can see the movie trailer now The camera shows the front of a car where an elderly man in a fedora like hat Uncle Morris and a teenage girl of about 12 or 13 Maggie are seated The elderly man has a pleasant air about him The girl s face is tw

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    This is one of those books if asked to choose a handful to take to a desert island or to pass on to grand children or to rescue from a fire if there were no chance of getting another copy, this would be one I would choose without hesitation Maggie is an orphan and is sent to live with some Aunts who live in an old school house, the founders of the schoo

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    spoiler alert Sylvia Cassedy s Behind the Attic Wall, which you would find in the children s books section directed to older readers, has a number of elements that will be familiar to devotees of classics like Cindarella, The Secret Garden, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe The heroine, an orphan named Maggie, comes to live with her two humorless aun

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    I have literally been trying to remember the name of this book for decades It was a beautiful, haunting story that stuck with me I am seriously overjoyed to have found it

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    This story was fun and touching from the start I knew some of what was coming and for a while enjoyed the fantasy angle less than the realistic part But I ended up liking it all and have much appreciation for how it ended up for all of the characters I was both delighted and frustrated by the ending A part of me wanted but mostly I loved its open endedness I ve decid

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    If you have ever felt unloved, unlovable, and or unable to love, this is your book Unforgettable Thanks for bringing it to my attention again Hilary

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    Last month, Heather and I were having a lovely chat about the books that we d read in childhood that had probably contributed to our weirdness This was the book that made her weird and she suggested, You should read it It s fabulously bizarre That s verbatim I m looking at the text right now.I had never heard of this title which, in retrospect, surprises me because this is prec

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    Let s face it This book is terrifying I couldn t stop rereading it as a kid, but seriously What the absolute hell There are living porcelain dolls living in the attic Does everyone in the family who dies become a doll Or just the ones who die violently Also, the story is a flashback, leaving you with the impression that the narrator has either been adopted or is in a foster home now

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    I still remember when I picked out this book in Waldenbooks when I was in the sixth grade Ahmemories It is such a beautiful book about an outcast girl who finds friendship and hope when she discovers magical dolls in her aunts attic It is on the cover of the book, so I guess I m not giving anything away The ending is great, and I cry every time I highly recommend this to anyone.

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