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Til Kingdom Come In A Time Of Mystery And Magic, One Man Is Seeking To Find His Destiny Prince Thrain Blackwater Is On A Deadly Mission To Capture The One Who Can Help Him Get His Revenge And Make Him Whole But In Order To Do So, He Must Perform An Act Of Brutality That Will Alienate The Man He Hopes To Claim As His OwnPrince Elias Trueheart Is A Null A Noble Of The Royal Trueheart Line Who Has No Magic Of His Own Resigned To A Life Of Obscurity, His Entire World Is Turned Upside Down The Night Thrain Comes For Him After The Blackwater Prince Claims Him In A Way Elias Feels He Can Never Forgive, He Kidnaps Him As Well And Drags Him Back To The Snake Pit He Calls Home Castle BlackThrain Is Certain Elias Will Hate Him Forever And He Doesn T Blame The Other Man A Bit Still, He Hungers For Elias S Love And Will Do Anything To Earn It, Even If It Means Facing Down His Brutal Older Brother Who Wants Elias For Himself But Will Elias Ever Return His Feelings Or Is He Incapable Of Forgiving Thrain S Crime He Will Have To Make Up His Mind Very Soon For Beneath The Dark And Dangerous Castle Black Lies A Secret That Will Unlock Elias S Magic And A Deadly Riddle That Will Put Both His Life And Thrain S In Peril Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Dubious Consent, Male Male Sexual Practices, Allusion To Incest

About the Author: Evangeline Anderson

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for

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    I like EA but her books tend to be all over the spectrum Some are great, some are horrible, some are just ok I m never sure where a particular book will end up but I keep trying since I do like the author For TKC, the fantasy concept is decent, but the execution leaves something to be desired The magic healing of

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    Well wasn t that painful Had to read it for a challenge and that was my only motivation.Half a star and a headache This is not a nice review, because the book I am attempting to review is a blabbering, overly long, ridiculous mess Actually, forget the reviewing part, I am so frustrated, I am just going to set my p

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    This is a great fantasy story No epic quests looking for magical items, though It is all about the inner journey of two men who don t just have their own personal demons to overcome, but need to find common ground as lovers as well if a long standing prophecy is to come true and bring peace to their realms.Elias starts out as t

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    I was floored at the concept of touch from one man to another whether to reach out and make that connection or performing a sexual act is what the other needed in order to tame and tamper down the magic from getting out of control Considering all the books I ve now read to date it shouldn t have surprised me I do enjoy paranormal but

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    I don t mind Evangeline Anderson As far as PWP ish authors go, she s pretty to notch This one is standard EA Very readable, interesting enough story unless you re expecting something spectacular It s not great, it s not amazing, but it keeps you interested enough to finish it at least.What is much painful is EA s insistence on using awkward

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    As usual, laugh out loud funny Per my standard Anderson review format, high points 1 These characters are soooo smart and capable How do we know this Because the script says so, that s how.2 The super puzzling riddles, sigh.3 It s a good thing the Trueharts have that whole magic thing going on since they definitely don t have that whole common sens

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    This would have been 5 stars if it were about 20 pages shorter There was just a bit too much angsty, back and forth he doesn t really love me for my taste.However, the book was solid, the scenes were hot as always , and the storyline was good I love how Evangeline Anderson is always able to make having sex into a life or death situation.

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    2.5Elias Trueheart is a prince waiting for his magic to come in But before that can happen, his kingdom is invaded by the Blackwell s and he is raped and taken captive by Prince Thrain Thrain didn t want to abuse Elias, but he was forced himself into raping him and he s taken him captive because a dragon told him that he needed Elias in order to complete his rev

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    3.2 StarsUsually I love EA s MM romance novels, but I found myself continuously rolling my eyes and shaking my head at some of the ridiculously overplayed tropes just littered across this book Maybe the sheer number of them overwhelmed the story and made me not appreciate it as much as I expected to IDK The magic peen was the last straw though.No, seriously, an actual

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    3.5 starsCall me crazy, but when it comes to m m romance, Evangeline Anderson s books are my number one guilty pleasure You won t learn anything from them and they won t change your views on life because they re like weird sexual fantasies of a horny 15 year old But they re well written, hilarious fantasies and I can t help loving them.After Broken Boundaries I was pre

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