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A Touch Mortal (A Touch Trilogy, #1) Eden Didn T Expect AzNot His Saunter Down The Beach Toward Her Not His Unbelievable Pick Up Line Not The Instant, Undeniable Connection And Not His WingsYeahSo Long Happily Ever AfterNow Trapped Between Life And Death, Cursed To Spread Chaos With Her Every Touch, Eden Could Be The Key In The Eternal Struggle Between Heaven And Hell All Because She Gave Her Heart To One Of The Fallen, An Angel Cast Out Of HeavenShe May Lose Everything She Ever Had She May Be Betrayed By Those She Loves Most But Eden Will Not Be A Pawn In Anyone Else S Game Her Heart Is Her OwnAnd That S Only The Beginning Of The End

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    Well, I wrote it so I may be biased

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    1.5 starsI don t even know what to say about this.The story was sort of confusing, mainly because Siders aren t a mythological creature anyone is familiar with

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    A TOUCH MORTAL is about a smart, normal girl named Eden with a mind of her own When she dies under mysterious circumstances, she s thrown into a dark, sexy world ruled by twist

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    My review can also be found on my blog Collections.2.5 starsClose to evening on a summer day, Eden sits on the sand at the beach, wondering why her family and friends have been ignoring

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    Yeah Wow And not really in a good way Let s do this objectively This book is meant for people who do not question logic or the lack of it or require any sort of definite character depth in a book

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    If you have nothing nice to saydon t say anything at all Yup That s pretty much how I felt about this book.

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    Full disclosure I didn t finish this book I didn t even get that far in But I m a firm believer that life s too short to read bad books A Touch Mortal hit one of my biggest peeves about YA paranormal romance,

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    First of all, let me say this book is not a light or quick read It is 418 pages in ARC format It is also has a romance with a darkness to it that is not what you would normally see in a normal young adult romance The first hal

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    By far the best angel book I ve read Awesome pacing, fabulous details, believable characters and witty dialogue are just a few of the strengths of Leah Clifford s debut I couldn t put it down, and when I had to, I found myself looking f

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    I am not sure how I managed to finish this one I think I felt a bit guilty because I won it in a contest and I sort of did want to see what happened, so I forced myself to finish But wow, this one was rough It jumps ALL over the place in no linea

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