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Neon Angel: The Cherie Currie Story At The Tender Age Of Fifteen, Groundbreaking Lead Singer Cherie Currie Joined A Group Of Talented Girls Joan Jett And Lita Ford On Guitar, Jackie Fox On Bass, And Sandy West On Drums Who Could Rock Like No One ElseArriving On The Los Angeles Music Scene In , The Runaways Catapulted From Playing Small Clubs To Selling Out Major Stadiums Headlining Shows With Opening Acts Like The Ramones, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, And Blondie While Riding A Wave Of Hit Songs And Platinum Albums, And Touring The WorldA Shocking, Funny, And Touching Re Creation Of A Bygone Era Of Rock And Roll That Chronicles The Runaways Rise To Fame And Ultimate Demise, Neon Angel Is Also An Intensely Personal Account Of Currie S Struggles With Drugs, Sexual Abuse, And Violence In A Decadent, High Pressure Music Scene A World Of Uncontrolled Excess Where She And Her Unsupervised Bandmates Had To Grow Up Fast And Experience Things That No Teenage Girls Should

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    This wild ride of a memoir takes us from Currie s suburban upbringing as a young rebel, dyeing her hair red, white and blue and dressing up as her idol, David Bowie, to, in a turn that is dramatically sudden, being asked to audition for The Runaways by Kim Fowley and Joan Jett while at her local hangout All of

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    I ve always been a huge Joan Jett fan so this book was a magnet for me Loved the whole book, her life and her story Unlike many celebrity memoirs I have read, she is so likable you just can t help but feel all that she has survived I love this girl and love this book

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    I think it goes without saying that the writing isn t inventive literary genius, or like, follows normal rules of tenses But that s not why you read this book you read it to see what life is like going from a 15 year old valley freak, to a 17 year old banshee in a globe trotting touring band, to a 21 year old coke burnou

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    Fame, manipulation, bad hair, and lots and lots and lots of quaaludes.What a train wreck Both the text did she have an editor and the story though on the story side of things, that s what keeps you reading, of course It s hard to look away but in this case, sometimes I really wanted to I m afraid I m forever damaged by Cherie

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    3.5 stars After seeing the movie The Runaways I felt led to pick up Cherie Currie s book at the library Overall, Neon Angel was what I expected a behind the scenes look at the drug fueled downfall of a former teenaged rock musician actress Currie experienced in her first 20 years or so than usually seen in several lifetimes Unfor

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    She had me with the first chapter, where she first describes her Bowie fixation Despite the fact that I ve always had a soft spot for The Runaways, I knew I d have an easy time reading the memoir of a fellow Bowiephile but man, I had no idea what I was getting myself into with reading the stories of Cherie Currie s life Even after seei

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    at the beginning of this book i felt slightly disappointed in myself that I didn t join a band when i was 15 and go on tour and get a bit crazy while wearing a corset and suspenders i was busy getting videos out of pier video in aberystwyth and reading books about aleister crowley , but by the end of reading this i realised that i had made

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    When I first read this book, I was a little confused I had to go back and read it again Basically, I was confused because I have no idea how a memoir this good raw and honest and confused and funny and sad could have been boiled down to the piece of garbage that was the movie, The Runaways Seriously, how did that happen Currie is not the most fa

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    I really like the Runaways stuff, but after she left it became the Nikki Sixx show with how much coke she did The best part of the book was her encounter with James Lloyd White, that was absolutely terrifying I m not sure if Cherie actually wrote this or had a ghost writer, but according to Joan Jett who did the forward she was even surprised by how

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    This was a very tough book to read because it was a very tough story This is a rewrite of an earlier edition and you can definitely feel that in parts The beginning could be tough because there was less edit help than there was at the end There seemed to be a conscious attempt to retain as much as Cherie s voice as possible and that did make reading the s

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