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Love, Stargirl LOVE, STARGIRL Picks Up A Year After Stargirl Ends And Reveals The New Life Of The Beloved Character Who Moved Away So Suddenly At The End Of Stargirl The Novel Takes The Form Of The World S Longest Letter, In Diary Form, Going From Date To Date Through A Little Than A Year S Time In Her Writing, Stargirl Mixes Memories Of Her Bittersweet Time In Mica, Arizona, With Involvements With New People In Her LifeIn Love, Stargirl, We Hear The Voice Of Stargirl Herself As She Reflects On Time, Life, Leo, And Of Course Love From The Hardcover Edition

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    I just finished Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli And I have not been able to pick up another book because I don t want to lose the feeling of satisfaction that came from finishing it At first, I didn t think that this book could be as good as it s prequel Stargirl, but not I m hard pressed to say which was better.Love, Stargirl picks up where Stargirl left off She has left Mica High in

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    God, I am so elated right now I just finished this book and it was, I am happy to say, just as extrordinary as the first.You know, I started reading this because I m a senior in high school and I m tired of assigned books of Great Literature Don t get me wrong, The Scarlet Letter is one of my favorite novels ever, but I wanted something lighter and when I heard Stargirl, the book that W

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    Didn t love it.Stargirl was such a totally charming book Open ended somewhat, and I wanted to know what happened next.This is a sequel, I guess, a what happens sort of next and this time it s narrated by Stargirl But it isn t the same Stargirl of the first book All of the things Stargirl does and has done for years are absent here There are flashes of Stargirl behavior, it s like

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    Love, Stargirl Stargirl, 2 , Jerry SpinelliLove, Stargirl is a 2007 young adult novel by Jerry Spinelli The book is the sequel to the New York Times bestselling book, Stargirl, and centers on the world s longest letter in diary form It picks up where the previous novel left off after Stargirl left Mica High and describes her bittersweet memories in the town of Mica, Arizona along with the

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    I really liked Stargirl, so I was excited to read this sequel But at first I found it unnerving to be reading Stargirl s point of view, her first person narrative, instead of Leo s Stargirl in Stargirl had seemed a character in a story, but Stargirl in Love, Stargirl was suddenly a person, and at first I didn t like that Reading her actual thoughts, and her reactions to her thoughts, remo

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    I loved this book just as much as Stargirl Oh gosh, Stargirl is so precious I want her to stay that way forever, please never let her change Again, some truly beautiful and lyrical lines in this book and plenty of annotated and tabbed passages as Stargirl writes letters to Leo and navigates a new life for herself away from him It s a stunning look at getting over a first love, moving on whi

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    I was already worried about the premise of this book when I started reading it What I loved about the original Stargirl is the mystery behind the exuberant, eccentric stranger who comes into Leo s life and turns everything upside down The first book is about not conforming to expectations, being true to yourself, putting other people first, and learning to see beyond yourself Archie even exp

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    Dear Stargirl,You left me asking e tu Stargirl I loved the first book about you and was excited to dive into this sequel written in letter diary form by you You were an amazing role model for young girls your age in your first book as an independent, free spirited and eccentric girl Even though you were different than other kids you were charming and I felt drawn to you That s why I was so di

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    Light, enjoyable and quite fun But, I enjoyed the first book about Stargirl sooo much .

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    I was so excited when I heard this was coming out SO EXCITED I m sorry to say, though, that I actually kind of hated it Stargirl herself is kind of lame All she does is moons over Leo and acts vaguely obnoxious Why doesn t she have any friends her own age The side characters are supposed to be wacky, but they just come off as forced Also, they all seemed like less good versions of characters fr

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