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City Sister Silver (paperback) Prvotina J Chyma Topola Pat K Nejp Ekl Dan J M Polistopadov M Esk M Rom N M Jde O Osobitou V Pov O Ivot V B Val M Eskoslovensku Na Konci A Po Tku Let Stolet Mnohovrstevn Vypr V N Za N T Ky N Mc P Es Eskoslovensko Na Z Pad, Pokra Uje Listopadovou Revoluc , Dot K Se Rasismu, Kriminality, Narkomanie A Dal Ch Spole Ensk Ch Jev , Kter P Inesla P Ekotn Doba A Kter Zas Hly P Edev M Ml De Vypr V N Nem Souvislou Linii, Asto Jde O Kupen Dojm A P Sobiv Ch Obraz Se Spoustu Liter Rn Ch Citac

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    An enormous hypocaust of a novel A sprawling epic both exhilarating and insufferable Split into three sections see title , this Egon Hostovsk Prize winner uses a freeform poetic style fractured dreamlike clauses caught in large cumulonimbus paragraphs blending narr

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    Sestra je bez diskuz rom n, ke kter mu se lov k mus pro st a p edev m pro t Kn ku m m u od vysok , koupila jsem si ji nedlouho po vyd n vliv spolubydl c na koleji, kter studovala literaturu a opravdu jsem se ji tenkr t i pokou ela st, ale velmi z hy jsem to vzdala s t

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    Sestra pro m je byla a bude velk objev Ve svobod psan , bohatstv jazyka a mo nostech p evypr v n Ta kniha m neuv iteln liter rn n boj Je v jednom ohledu velmi nov torsk styl je sv r zn , inovativn , rouha sky odv n a magick Na druhou stranu je v ak Topol tradicionalistick

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    Magick p b h na pomez sn a reality pro m osobn p elom v ch p n literatury.

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    hodn n ro n ten , ale na to, e to je p t p es dev t , tak to m hlavu a patu a p b h jako r k.

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    Man, was I glad to put this book down This was too clever for me City Sister Silver is the Czech equivalent of Trainspotting, only the historical setting is a little serious Set in the Czech Republic just after the Germans have left, it s about Potok, and his search for meaning to hi

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    Set around the time that the wall came down some parts of the book are really good, things that I wasn t aware of The number of people who travelled into the west as soon as they could, and Topol s description of the chaos There are sections that seem like dream sequences, the Laotians l

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    I am not good at doing reviews Either I like a book, or I don t, but usually I can t really say why Sometimes when I hate a book enough, I do have something to say about it though This is one of those books.Seriously, wtf I have no idea what I just read, and I absolutely do not understand how

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    In reading the translator s Alex Zucker notes and Ali s review I can see why this would be considered difficult Like a literary jig saw puzzle, seemingly random scenes flit across the pages From World Literature Today The action of the novel begins before the Velvet Revolution in November

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    Difficult, very difficult to read But worth it in the end It may take you two years to get through like it did me, but I think I got something from it.

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About the Author: Jáchym Topol

J chym Topol was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, to Josef Topol, Czech playwright, poet, and translator of Shakespeare, and Ji ina Topolov , daughter of the famous Czech Catholic writer Karel Schulz.Topol s writing began with lyrics for the rock band Ps voj ci, led by his younger brother, Filip, in the late 70s and early 80s In 1982, he cofounded the samizdat magazine Violit, and in 1985 Revol