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AmericA, Inc. Written In With Uncanny, Prophetic Accuracy, In This Dark Comedy The USA Has Incorporated In Into An Oligarchy, Or Corpor Nation, Headed By A President CEO Like Donald Trump Sub Divided By A Great, Brick Wall Into The Northern Bluefish And Southern Redfish States, AmericA, Inc Is Run By President Travis Bash Perpetually At War, Riddled By Special Interests And Voracious For Capital, Bash Drafts Bob, A Destitute Yale Poet, To Transform America, Inc S Corporate Culture Bob S Job Is To Market To Voter Shareholders The Vulgar, Bewildering And Corrupt Culture Of This Brutal Corporate Nation To Increase Share Value Nothing Is Sacred In Corporate America Or American Culture In This Hilarious, Cautionary Satire About A Corpornation Gone Berserk In The Relentless Pursuit Of Profit In A Blend Of High And Low Comedy, AmericA, Inc Rings True In A Witty, Merciless Lampoon Of The Omniscient Intrusion Of The Savage Greed Of Big Business Into Culture, Politics, Law, Religion And Everyday Life Lentz Innovates With An Accessible Narrative Style In Stream Of Voice To Bring Characters To Life By Their Dialogue In AmericA, Inc Lentz Extends The Literary Bloodline Of The Rich Satire Of William Gaddis, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, George Orwell, Moliere And Jonathan Swift I won this through the Goodreads First Reads program When I began reading this book, it was a little difficult to get to used to It s written a stream of consciousness kind of way, and that s hard to read However, after I got used to that, I found myself really enjoying the book It s an excellent criticism of modern American companies and how greed means them than morals It was funny at some points, serious at others It s like the Occupy Wallstreet movement in one book, and I honestly don t really support that movement So take it from me, if I enjoyed the book, then you probably will too In 2007 this vision of dystopia imagined with prophetic accuracy a biting satire in which the USA has incorporated in 2020 into an oligarchy, or corpor nation, headed by a President CEO surreally like Donald Trump. ARC GIVEAWAY Honest review I made it through the first few pages, and was turned off by the prose style and the amount of cursing didn t feel genuine at all I think conceptually, this could be a cool story with a lot of incredibly current and politically relevant themes, but the stream of voice format was difficult to follow and at some points, lazy This deserves a rounded story with traditional prose.

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