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R is for Rocket The Spellbinding Power Of RAY BRADBURYHe Can Make You See Things That Have Never Been Seen By Human Eyes Feel Things That No Flesh And Blood Creature Has Ever Felt He Can Create Visions So Compelling That They Literally Seem To Dance Before Your Eyes He Can Push You Back To The Beginnings Of Time And Then Suddenly, Without Warning, Thrust You Forward T The Outmost Limits Of The Future He Can Make You So Much A Part Of His Strange Worlds That You Literally Scream To Get OutSeventeen Breathtaking Stories By The Master Of The Weird And Wonderful, Including The Space Age Classic, FROST AND FIRE Highlights The Fog Horn, The Rocket, The Long Rain A lovely thin hardcover with illustrations lived in my room through my childhood and teenage years At least once a year I would revisit R is for Rocket , again and again listening to the forlonrn blare of the preshistoric monster from the deep, fly in Bodoni s virtual rocket, pop food pills and race to the local space port to watch rockets blast off Some day I ll try to pay my respects by writing fiction in which people travel through space in rockets, it rains on Venus, Mars has crumbling crystal cities, and boys dream of flying through space But this can only happen when I feel ready Maybe when I m 120.Thank you, Ray Bradbury you were the soul of the 20th century, and no one has stepped up to take over in the 21st. Leave me with any Ray Bradbury book, and it will quickly be devoured it short, neat order You re never sure what you re going with Bradbury It might be fantasy, it might be sci fi, it might be a cute story about a boy getting a gift on Christmas More often than not, it s a hybrid But one thing s certain about his short story collections you re going to get some duds I avoided this particular collection for a long time because of the title That was a dumb mistake I d like to think I ll never make again But I can say without hesitation that R is for Rocket has fewer duds than any of his other books, The Illustrated Man included They re haunting, funny, surprising, gorgeously written, and yes, sometimes fiendishly annoying He rose in the air against the clouds like a magical exclamation point But all too tempting to read out loud to those willing to listen and especially to those who aren t though it s not easy reading a book called R is for Rocket in public. DREAMERS BE ENCOURAGED YOU ARE UNDERSTOOD.Ray Bradbury s R is for Rocket is a book about and for dreamers and those who truly desire to understand them A common character type in his work is the wide eyed, yearning dreamer who reaches too high, often for a dream beyond his capacity, and who inevitably teeters on the brink of success and failure.It s no surprise that Bradbury produced so many pieces that gave voice to themes of blue skies since he himself was a dreamer, a voracious reader and enthusiastic writer from an early age, a man who thrilled himself and his fortunate readers on the wild imaginings of his literary soul.In R is for Rocket, the story The Rocket is an excellent example of the author s heartfelt kindness and sympathy for and identification with the hopes and heartaches of a dreamer, in this case one Fiorello Bodoni, a middle aged, married with many children man obsessed with dreams of rocket travel and space exploration in the face of those who are quick to discourage him.Excerpts from the story I will ride up in one someday, said Bodoni Fool cried Bramante You ll never go This is a rich man s world No We live in shacks like our ancestors before us Perhaps my sons said Bodoni No, nor their sons the old man shouted It s the rich who have dreams and rockets No, Bodoni, buy a new wrecking machine, which you need, and pull your dreams apart with it, and smash them to pieces The old man subsided, gazing at the river in which, drowned, images of rockets burned down the sky Good night, said Bodoni Sleep well, said the other.I have read and loved Ray Bradbury s stories for over forty years because his prose is beautifully delivered and because, as a dreamer myself who often reaches too high for his own good I identify deeply with his wonderfully tragic heroes There were many times that his captivating tales allowed me to escape from grim childhood days and nights, and for that I say to him, now in the Great Beyond for Great Writers Thank you This review was written by Kevin Polman, author of THE EXTRA KEY and STORIES.

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