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A Medicine for Melancholy A Medicine For Melancholy Is A Collection Of Short Stories By Ray Bradbury It Was Released In The UK As The Day It Rained Forever With A Slightly Different List Of Stories In A Season Of Calm Weather The Dragon A Medicine For Melancholy The End Of The Beginning The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit Fever Dream The Marriage Mender The Town Where No One Got Off A Scent Of Sarsaparilla Icarus Montgolfier Wright The Headpiece Dark They Were, Golden Eyed The Smile The First Night Of Lent The Time Of Going Away All Summer In A Day The Gift The Great Collision Of Monday Last The Little Mice The Shore Line At Sunset The Strawberry Window The Day It Rained Forever

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    One of Bradbury s best short stories, this one came to be re printed often as it is imaginative, poignant and still fun to read Taking the premise that the characters of the story are on a planet where it rains constantly, and the sun shines in only

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    Such an unusual and beautiful combination of science fiction and fable Ray Bradbury has such a gift with words, and while I certainly enjoyed and appreciated the message of the text, I still feel as if there was still too much left unsaid.

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    NO SPOILERS All Summer in a Day the four page short story with a greater lasting impression than many short stories five times as long Bradbury envisioned a continuously dreary, rainy Venus populated by humans who have moved there from Earth For a single hour, every sev

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    This short story still moves me unbearably, than 20 years after I first read it All the powerful for things left unsaid.Available to read online

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    Rain Water Here on Earth it means life Without it, there would be no forests, not grass, no nothing.On Venus the Venus in this story anyway there is constant rain and wind and thunderstorms and all the horrible consequences such as floods from it It rains for seven years without end, then you get tw

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    I read this back in grade 6 I think, and I remember how sad I felt for Margot I also remember that this also really hit home about consequences for our actions and how a simple I m sorry does not or will not always suffice So present day and I need my five year old son to start understanding this important le

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    I think the sun is a flower,That blooms for just one hour. Imagine living on a planet where you get to glimpse the sun for only one or two hours every seven years The rest of the time you only get rain and massive thunderstorms And now imagine you are a 9 years old child who remembers what it s like living unde

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    What a beautiful story of hope, life, memories and grief I loved how Ray Bradbury used kids to talk about nuanced emotions, because their impact can only be fully understood when one is older This story could be read and enjoyed by kids the age of Margot and older folks equally It was sad to see how Margot was treated by bullies

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    Ray Bradbury passed away Tuesday night, and his grandson had this to say about the author s work his stories lifted people up and saved them from lonely summers Who among us was never buried deep in a Bradbury story, lost in his meticulously yet effortlessly crafted metaphor i09 In four pages, All Summer In A Day speaks eloquentl

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