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Captive Prince WARNING I VE BEEN DRINKING hiccup You know gestures with wine glass sloshes some over the side I mean, this book licks wine off fingers tries to refocus What was I saying Oh, yeah This fucking book, man takes another sip There s Damen A prince betrayed by his bastard of a brother Sold into slavery to an enemy nation stumbles up to standing And do you know what You know who he s fucking sold to raises voice To an even bigger bastard than his brother sits back down A prince named Laurent Who may or may not be the best written villain I ve ever read He s as beautiful as he is brilliant As manipulative as he is sadistic As enigmatic, as hiccup I hate his face I want to do terrible things to him Dirty, lascivious, debauched, terrible, terrible things wanders off in search of appropriate meme AH HA FOUND ONE The world surrounding these characters is just as harsh Brutal, seductive, violent, depraved I want to write myself into it with a sword and carve my vengeance from the flesh of Damen and God help me even Laurent s enemies brews pot of strong coffee hiccup starts second book Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest For Romance month at my blog, I decided to take the opportunity to read something I wouldn t normally pick this highly praised M M Fantasy Romance.The first thing you should know this is a character driven story I think you will enjoy it as long as you don t go into it expecting a lot of grand world building The focus of this book indeed, the whole series, it would seem is on the relationship between two men, and their relationships with other royals, guards and slaves around them.As romances go, it has everything I could ask for 1 A really slow burn that makes a nice change from all the instant gratification NA romances I ve read.2 Characters that grow and develop with the plot.3 Chemistry, both sexual and otherwise Plus, a nice bit of hatred turned to reluctant partners in crime turned to The main story goes like this Damen is a prince and the heir to the throne of Akielos But when the king dies, Damen is captured and bundled off to Vere, disguised as a slave, while his half brother takes the throne Vere is an enemy to Akielos and Damen must continue pretending to be a slave if he wishes to live.Enter Prince Laurent heir to Vere and a pampered, spoiled and vindictive brat who becomes Damen s new master Laurent is extremely unlikable at first, but Pacat manages to successfully grow him into a well rounded and eventually likable character I loved how our perception of him changes gradually.Not surprisingly, the two princes despise each other at first But what starts as an attempt to break one another, eventually becomes a reluctant partnership and a mutual understanding and respect.The book is quite dark at times and is definitely an adult novel The romance in this first book is pretty much non existent but the tension is set up nicely to deliver on that in the next two books However, romance sex aside, the book contains some graphic descriptions, floggings and rape scenes that could be upsetting for some readers.I enjoyed it, though, and will be picking up Captive Prince Volume Two.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest I am firmly of the belief that this series will one day become a classic in the M M romance genre. I don t read m m fiction It s not because I m homophobic in any way julio would beat my ass down if I were , it s just that it s not a genre to which I gravitate For example, I don t read new adult I don t read chick lit I don t read m m It s simple as that I prefer the romance in my books to be something that I can relate to, and I feel that for me, a romance would be realistic if it s m f A book has to be completely amazing to change my mind about an m m romance, and this book, while not selling me on the genre, did a tremendous job of engaging my attention.This is due to the fact that the character building is so amazing Let s make it clear, this book contains torture, sadism, rampant displays of sex generally things that I don t care for, because despite my rampant use of profanity, I am a prude at heart blushes Despite those facts, I really liked this book The characters are so well written.Damen is the Captive Prince When his half brother usurped the throne, he found himself a slave, shipped off to Vere A prince, now a slave, he has to learn to completely change his personality, his will, his natural instincts, in order to be survive He forces himself into submissiveness He knew what he had to do Against every rebelling instinct, he forced himself forward, and dropped to his knees before Laurent I fight in your service, Your Highness He searched his memory for Radel s words, and found them I exist only to please my Prince May my victory reflect on your gloryLaurent Damn What can I say about Laurent Oh, how about the fact that he makes Jericho fucking Barrons look like Prince CharmingYou look like a whore The soft words barely stirred the air by Damen s ear, inaudible to anyone else Laurent murmured Filthy painted slut Did you spread for my uncle the way you did for KastorThere are many words that can be used to describe Laurent Words like raging asshole, ginormous douchebag, sadistic motherfucker, and other endearing phrases The fact that I grew to like Laurent and sympathize with him is a testament to the author s skills.No, I will not be reading m m all my days No, I still do not enjoy rampant amounts of sex and debauchery, but I enjoyed this book, and that s enough. Little flummoxed by this one It s an epic fantasy but focuses on sexual slavery than any sort of active plot I don t feel the sexual slavery rape culture was promoted as good or acceptable but just underlining the depraved society, buuuuuut Mine eyes are too young for this Plus if your master orders you orally raped and then later slave master start having a thinglet us just say no. DNF 30% slow claps My first DNF of the year and boy, is it a cracker.I promised myself I wouldn t write any rage ranting reviews about books because, although they might be enjoyable to write and read, ultimately, they left me feeling less than satisfied.But I will make an exception For this book, I am making an exception, because I am sick of seeing this shit in literature and people praising it Captive Prince is marketed as slave erotica I should ve known, way before reading it, that it wouldn t be my cup of tea, but curiosity made me buy it, and I regret it immensely It s a book about a prince who is sold by his half brother to an enemy kingdom, and forced into becoming a slave to the Crown Prince.That s not what sickened me What sickened me is the blatant disregard of men Men, funnily enough, are human beings with rights and feelings and are not the monstrous, hulking animals they are made out to be Now, I don t speak for all men, but let s please keep in mind that women do fucking horrible things, too, okay And they are not crucified as much as men Damen, our captive prince , made to be a slave, is almost raped, is drugged and tortured and treated worse than an animal, all for the entertainment of nobility But Damen is a man, so who cares, right REVERSE THE ROLES Damen is actually Davina, a princess captured and sold to an enemy kingdom She is drugged, tortured and almost raped, all for the entertainment of nobility Watch the world explode in outrage. The possible romance she cultivates with the Crown Prince can t possible be love if he let that happen to her She was an innocent victim, abused and treated like an animal She is a survivor WHAT MAKES DAMEN ANYTHING DIFFERENT Because he s a man, he doesn t deserve the same amount of sympathy How the fuck is this book popular How DO PEOPLE SHIP LAURENT AND DAMEN HOW CAN PEOPLE POSSIBLY SHIP SOMEONE WHO DRUGGED, TORTURED AND THREATENED HIS SLAVE WITH RAPE This is what I don t get about our world Men are raped by both men and women just as much as women are Men are abused, tortured, murdered just as much as women. But the comments, He probably deserved it are backhanded insults whereas the same sentence aimed at a victimised woman is the cause of outrage and campaigns We scream for equal rights until our throats are fucking raw and bleeding, but when a book comes out where a man is repeatedly tortured, drugged and raped, we CELEBRATE it What is wrong with this world Trusted reviewers have given this book 4 and 5 stars They call Laurent brilliant, they call the romance a slow burn and I am so fucking angry right now I can barely see straight All it took me was 30% to realise that no way was this going to be redeemed. I am a huge fan of anti heroes and villains and I am ALWAYS shipping the heroine and the anti hero but in this case, I can t I CAN T There s a huge difference between an anti hero and a fucking villainous asshole who humiliates and has his slaves raped for his own entertainment That, right there, that cannot be redeemed It just can t.I am beyond furious I am so angry right now that I could happily burn the entire world to the ground, because it s not fair It s un fucking fair that if the MC had been a girl, the book community would ve exploded and caused utter mayhem, but because he s a man he, what, has to man up Deal with it Big boys don t fucking cry Grow a pair Like, I m actually in tears writing this This world fucking sucks. The two main reactions to this book are OMG BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD or this was gross and despicable and i cannot believe how people enjoy it I m somewhere in between there.I knew going into it that there would be a lot of rape torture scenes, but even so, I was surprised I think if you read this, you need to know several things in advance just to make sure that you don t automatically hate it 1 it s graphic book centered around sex slavery 2 major trigger warning for rape, abuse, and pedophilia 3 literally every single character in this book is gay or non straight and 4 there are zero female characters All of these things combined made the first half of the book almost unbearable, but there was one nugget of light that got me through it, and is continuing to push me to want to read the sequel there is something about the characters, their depth and complexities, that makes me want to know their inner workings The subplots and tiny character mannerisms in this book are absolutely fascinating, and it s like Stiefvater characters that you subtly grow to love, even the side characters you hardly see This book is very political and that part of it lost me I m not a huge fan of books like this, so it s just a personal preference , and additionally, I wish it was longer in order to explain the history of the kingdoms and give the reader some kind of context about the conflict s occurring in the world Otherwise, I couldn t put this down, even when it was hard to read I can understand why people love it, I can understand why people hate it I m going to go order to sequels from. I m aware that Captive Prince is a highly controversial book and I know that many people have a lot of mixed feelings about it As it seems you either hate it or you love it There is no in between I think most of that is due to the fact that it deals with subjects we feel very uncomfortable with Our modern minds have a tendency to shy away from those kinds of things, but just because a book makes you feel disgusted and angry, this still doesn t automatically mean that it s a bad book Sure, C.S Pacat confronts us with a lot of heavy topics And I m not going to sugar coat them Just to make that perfectly clear There is rape, slavery, sexual abuse, torture, violence and even the mention of paedophilia Just to name a few of them and there are scenes that no doubt will revolt you immensely view spoiler For instance the moment with Ancel and Damen in the gardens I ll never ever be okay with that scene hide spoiler From Global Phenomenon C S Pacat Comes The First In Her Critically Acclaimed Trilogy With A Bonus StoryDamen Is A Warrior Hero To His People, And The Rightful Heir To The Throne Of Akielos But When His Half Brother Seizes Power, Damen Is Captured, Stripped Of His Identity, And Sent To Serve The Prince Of An Enemy Nation As A Pleasure SlaveBeautiful, Manipulative, And Deadly, His New Master, Prince Laurent, Epitomizes The Worst Of The Court At Vere But In The Lethal Political Web Of The Veretian Court, Nothing Is As It Seems, And When Damen Finds Himself Caught Up In A Play For The Throne, He Must Work Together With Laurent To Survive And Save His CountryFor Damen, There Is Just One Rule Never, Ever Reveal His True Identity Because The One Man Damen Needs Is The One Man Who Has Reason To Hate Him Than Anyone Else Includes An Exclusive Extra Story TRIGGER WARNING rape, physical abuse, pedophilia I am so excited to continue with the next book, the way things ended I can tell that things are going to pick up and get REALLY intense

About the Author: C.S. Pacat

C.S Pacat is a Melbourne writer Her first series the Captive Prince trilogy began its life as an original web serial Self published in 2013 to critical and commercial success and acclaim, the Captive Prince trilogy was acquired by Penguin, and will be published worldwide in 2015.

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