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The Vincenzo Adventure (Fingertip Island, #1) Rudolph Vincenzo Is Always In Trouble In School, At Home, Or Dueling With His Cold Hearted Neighbor, His Runaway Imagination Is Too Hot For The Small, Frosty Little Town Of Asbury So When Rudolph Needs An Escape, His Imagination Creates One FingerTip Island, A Supernatural Place Where The Slightest Thought Becomes Reality And Brings His Best Daydreams Alive His Little Brother Thinks He S Brilliant His Older Sister Thinks He S Insane Rudolph Takes Both Of Them Along To His Tropical Paradise Where Tigers Are Tour Guides, Bathtubs Make Handy Weapons, And Creepy Creatures Are Around Every Corner The Possibilities For Excitement And Danger Are Endless And Soon Rudolph And His Siblings Find Their Best Ideas And Worst Fears Coming To Life When A Chill Blows In And Their Adventure Is Threatened By The Thing They Fear Most, Rudolph Finds That A Good Imagination Is The Island S And His Last Hope

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    A great read for children and teachers alike, FingerTip Island focuses on the power of imagination and encourages self confidence It s a fun adventure story with warm characters, thrilling action and lots of humor.

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    For a story about limitless imagination, I felt this book fell short.My issues with the book began with problems that editing should have cleaned up The opening paragraph repeats the word grey many times and the description of the dreary day stretches on for multiple sentences, but without any real addition to the imagery This happens again when the kids reach the beach and the word sand is used over and over again There are times lines or scenarios repe

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    I completely disagree with the review below mine I really liked this book I was debating between four stars and five, and the review before mine pushed me to five, ha The descriptions were great and I think my children had so me great visuals to work with The storyline was nicely put together and I like how the author used little things in the beginning of the story and brought them around in the end The setting was creative, and now I ve got two children wonde

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    Ned is a good friend I read this series with my daughter over the summer I recommend the book on bullying His words are so simple yet so powerful in the message I recommend this book series for many reasons Most of all because my daughter had so many questions about the content While reading she stopped so much and her independant thought showed me that this book was worthwhile It engaged us and made her think.

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    Ok, so what s with adults being on top of children s book than actual children I always laugh at that thought This is a new one I particularly liked, as one it s a good self confidence boost, and two I finished in two days for a chapterbook for 12 year olds I was pretty hooked But as a parent I was encouraged by the focus on self esteem Underlying but oh, it was there Well done

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    This is the kind of book I can t wait to read again Now everywhere I go, I think about how my imagination could change the world around me And it makes me laugh to think about what I think about So much fun

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    Ok, so I picked this up off of from a recommendation First, I loved it Second, so did my kids Third, my friends can t seem to find it anywhere It s sold out on , too I m sure there will be , but why is this series such a secret

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    So frustrating This could be an excellent kids book lots of imagination, action, fun but the writing style is a mess I bet the author is a great oral storyteller, but he can t capture it on paper He needs to find a really good editor, and he ll write terrific books.

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    Great choice for elementary and middle school teachers grades 3rd to maybe 7th or 8th I really liked the emphasis on the power of imagination But it was light and easy going, with plenty of humor.

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    What a refreshing new series

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