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My Favorite Band Does Not Exist Sixteen Year Old Genius Idea Deity Believes That He Exists Only In The Pages Of A Novel Written By A Malevolent, Omnipotent Author And That He Will Die In Chapter Meanwhile, An Older Teen Named Reacher Mirage Sings Lead Vocals For The Undercover Rock Band Youforia A Band That Exists In Idea S World Only As An Internet Hoax That Idea Himself Perpetuated Then There S Beautiful And Mysterious Eunice Truant, Who Links Their Destinies When Idea And Reacher Plunge Into The Reality Of Fireskull S Revenant, The Twisted Epic Fantasy Novel They Ve Both Been Reading, Chapter Bears Down On Them Like A Speeding Freight Train On An Unstoppable Collision Course Being Trapped In A Bad Book Can Be A Nightmare Just Ask Idea Deity

About the Author: Robert T. Jeschonek

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10 thoughts on “My Favorite Band Does Not Exist

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    Summary Being trapped in a book sounds like fununless, of course, you die in Chapter 64 Just ask Idea Diety To most people, FIRESKULL S REVENANT might be a fun, fantastical read, full of action and plot twists, but for Idea who believes this b

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    I gave this one a try solely from the cover and from the basic plot gimmick a hoax band that might actually exist It was clear right from the outset, though, that there is considerably to this book than meets the eye So much so, in fact, that I real

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    The inside of the flap description of this book is misleading It s much weirder than it sounds.Idea Deity and Reacher Mirage s stories are briefly described, what it fails to mention is that Idea invented a band with a website and social media in his world,

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    This book was way deep and adventurous than I had expected I was drawn to this book because after I read This Song Will Save Your Life, I wanted to read books about music So I picked up this baby My Favorite Band Does Not Exist centers around two boys and a book

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    It s sort of a digest of postmodernist tropes for teen readers, and definitely different from most of the YA novels out there It has a real sweetness about it, and admirable nerve Some reviewers are saying they skipped the book within a book chapters, but those were my f

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    I honestly can t figure out how I feel about this book The concept was cool and different, but it was also kind of convoluted It felt a little like the hallucenogenic road trip in Libba Bray s Going Bovine.

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    The storyline is so CONFUSING I didn t understand the first pages and decided it wasn t worth it.

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    Very strange, and ultimately not quite worth it to me.

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    This is the strangest book I have ever read The main female character has a tattoo of another person on the back of her head Which looks just like the other main female character that has a tattoo on the back of her head that looks like the other character I just mentioned Confused yet You will be

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    This book, in itself, is a masterpiece of young adult and fantasy fiction That is, to me at least, it is amazing It brings in concepts of time, alternate realities, romance, higher powers, fears, and mental health It is a potluck of humanity, and interlocking stories and connections beyond belief If anyth

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