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Music is the outburst of the soulFrederick DeliusThis is the most candid autobiography of a rock star I ve read back in 2011 Jaw dropping at times I loved it Sammy Hagar brings to mind the quote above from Delius Listening to some rock songs, particularly when Hagar is lead vocal, makes my soul seek to soar. Everyone knew that the Van Halen brothers were repugnant, alcoholic psychos, but the stories in the book are awesome and drive home how crazy they really are Musical talent doesn t remotely make up for the utter contempt I have always had for them and Roth what a freak.I loved the first part of the book because I d been a fan of Hagar long before VH ever entered my radar It was great hearing about his life and where he got his work ethic mom and it was astounding hearing how diverse his financial portfolio is, from a sprinkler system business to mountain bikes Good on him I was disappointed in how things ended with Betsy, because it seems like he really never tried to understand mental illness or what he could couldn t do to help her and just threw in the towel What he did when she and the kiddo were coming for a surprise Christmas is fucking low, too Hearing about the birth of the cantina and the ridiculous interactions with David Lee Roth were interesting Why anyone would come within 20 feet of Roth, either professionally or personally, is a mystery to me As for the Van Halen boys I guess you reap what you sow cancerous tongue and divorces Enjoy your fame. Reading this book is akin to sitting in a room with a highly energetic, slightly ADD, person who is telling you their life story The structure is a rambling mess at times and makes you double check what part of his history you re reading His co author is a well respected writer, so I m surprised that this went to print the way it is It almost reads like a direct transcription of the interview tapes and left as is.I certainly appreciate the evidence of his strong work ethic Sammy Hagar is basically a true entrepreneur who happens to be a musician I think he would have found success in any career field he went into I did enjoy understanding the environment in which a musician finds himself, both personally and business wise, to be successful in that field It definitely makes me glad I pursued a normal life than one in popular music The part I found troubling, and somewhat disgusting, was his inconsistent position on drugs He says numerous times in the book that he doesn t really do drugs, but then repeatedly brings up smoking weed and doing cocaine He details other musicians behavior with drugs, but minimizes his own His drug use isn t even contained to a period of his life He still mentions cocaine use within the last few years Granted, he doesn t really moralize the use of drugs by anyone He s just telling his story, but then he shouldn t use statements like from that point on I didn t do drugs when it s obvious he never quit them. I m not a Sammy Hagar fan As competent as he is as a singer, I always found his voice annoying Nor am I much of a fan of Van Halen with Sammy Hagar There is no question that Hagar is a better singer than David Lee Roth, but Roth s voice was the voice of Van Halen Not to get too much away from the subject, but this reminds me of Ratt, another band fronted by a singer with limited abilities, but, nonetheless, without Stephen Pearcy, it s just not Ratt So why did I read this book Well, I find the story of Van Halen interesting, and, for me, this is the next natural progression for me to read the story of Van Halen I read Van Halen Rising How a Southern California Backyard Party Band Saved Heavy Metal, about their beginnings as a band, and Runnin with the Devil A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times, Loud Rock, and the Down and Dirty Truth Behind the Making of Van Halen, about the years with David Lee Roth Sammy Hagar s book was the next place to go.And when Hagar talked about Van Halen, I was interested But this book is not just about Van Halen It s Hagar s stories, and you get the biographical information about his poverty stricken youth, his struggles as a young singer, his time in Montrose, and his solo years Later, you get to hear about his success with his Cabo Wabo club and tequila brand If you are a Hagar fan, you will be interested I lost interest when he wasn t talking about Van Halen Aside from that, whether you are interested in the whole story or not, this book is flawed It s one of the poorly written autobiographies I ve ever read and I ve read autobiographies by Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osbourne Hagar had a co author Where was he The writing is clunky and disjointed, sometimes hard to follow Hagar goes off on his love of numerology, and it s incomprehensible Also, I am not a prude, but Hagar curses too much, to a ridiculous extent Maybe it was to make the reader feel like you were having a personal conversation with the real Sammy Hagar and getting to know him, but it was overdone.A plus about his book is that Hagar is, in my view, very honest He lays it all out, whether it makes him look good or not and he often doesn t Some of what he says is laugh out loud funny, like how he says that David Lee Roth thinks he s so great but is not a great singer and looks gay.As for the Van Halen stuff, it s fascinating and quite consistent with what I ve read before The Van Halen brothers were extreme alcoholics, to the point that it was damaging Edward Van Halen s ability to play this I didn t know before and his health including missing teeth The descriptions of their cruelty to Michael Anthony are consistent with what I read in Runnin with the Devil A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times, Loud Rock, and the Down and Dirty Truth Behind the Making of Van Halen.So this review is not a great endorsement of this book There are pluses and minuses If you love Hagar, it s worth your time If you just want to learn about Van Halen, I d say this might be a good third book to read as it was for me, but check out the other two first. Sammy Hagar Legendary Lead Singer Of Van Halen, Founder Of The Cabo Wabo Tequila Brand, And One Of Rock Music S Most Notoriously Successful Performers Tells His Unforgettable Story In This One Of A Kind Autobiography Of A Life At The Top Of The Charts From His Decade Long Journey Alongside Eddie Van Halen To His Raucous Solo Career With Chickenfoot And Everything In Between The Drugs, Groupies, And Excesses Of Fame, The Outrageous Stadium Tours, And The Thrill Of Musical Innovation Hagar Reveals All In This Treasure Trove Of Rock And Roll War Stories Red Is A Life Changing Look At One Of Music S Biggest Talents An Essential Read For Music Fans And Anyone Dreaming Of Becoming Rock S Next Number One Star I thought I would love this because this is my kind of music But unfortunately, I just have one word for this autobiographyUGHHHHHHHH I can t even write a review on this because I would have to break every rule of mine regarding autobiographies memoirs I love reading them, but this was painful. I m a huge fan of Sammy Hagar Now, if you had ask me during the Van Halen days when Roth and the boys were at their Apex if I would ever accept anyone, let alone Sammy as the new lead singer I would have told you to fuck off Come to think of it, that s exactly what I did say.But ever since 5150 dropped, I have been a fan of his The guy just brings so much raw energy to whatever he does and on top of that he gives some of the best interviews out there and is a likable guy After reading the excerpt of Red My Uncensored Life in Rock in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine a few months ago, I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book Reading those few pages about his time with the Van Halen brothers had me convinced this was going to be the greatest Rock Bio of all time.That was not the case here The book is a very good and easy read But it s far from perfect It starts off rather slow It s not until we get into his Montrose days does the book kick it up a notch But once it gets into the Van Halen years or to the point of when Sammy dishes on all things Eddie and Alex does this book go to a completely different level You will find yourself turning pages as fast as you can This is the fastest I have ever read any book Less than a day Sheesh Me and my buddy Rich should I have phrased it like that It sounds like I m talking about a drummer Haha have been talking about Van Halen and all the fucked up things in and out of this band for years So this book is like reading what we have always been talking about for the last 10 years This is good stuff right here and will have you looking at Eddie in a completely different light.Unfortunately these are the only high points of the book There s plenty here to keep you busy But I was disappointed that there wasn t to the story about his tour with David Lee Roth I knew there was some bad blood between the two out on the road and I was hopeful that we would get all the dirt once and for all Sadly, that doesn t happen here.After such a huge, thrilling ride for pretty much the entire book, it goes flat at the end Not a whole lot was said about Chickenfoot at all to close it out which is kind of disappointing Having said that, I can absolutely recommend this book if your wanting to hear some juicy details about the VH boys.You can find of my Book, DVD, TV and Movie reviews at my Forum Penny Can at Feel free to stop by and contribute your 2 cents. This was a pretty good read I ve been a Sammy fan since Standing Hampton came out I saw him on a midwest tour when I was in 8th Grade and he put on an amazing show The only person I ve seen put on as energetic a show was Lenny Kravitz when he opened for the Cult at Hampton Coliseum.This book managed to capture his energy It s not always a coherent account, but it flows well I read it in one sitting and it was like spending a night sitting there listening to him tell the story of his life.If it was anybody but Sammy, it might come across as a little bitchy and gossipy His reputation as a straight shooter lends a credibility to the narrative that appealed to me He manages to avoid sounding bitter about situations where he was treated poorly His attitude is amazing He wanted to be a rock star and he made it happen I like the guy even after reading Red.The two high points of the book for me personally were when he mentioned jamming with Lemmy from Motorhead and Lemmy wanted to play Rock Candy with him Pretty freaking cool The other was when he described meeting his second wife This was cool to me because I was at that Van Halen show at Hampton Coliseum when she came to see him Alice in Chains opened and they were pretty good, but no one can match Sammy s energy on stage.There are two reasons I couldn t give it 5 stars It s very conversational in tone, like it was a transcription of a conversation It rambles a bit, which both adds to the feeling that he s telling the story, and detracts from the narrative flow The other reason is that it just wasn t as good as Alice Cooper Golf Monster which I did give 5 stars.If you like Sammy or are curious about the Van Halen Hagar split you should read this book. I was in High School when 1984 came out and when the Roth Hagar switch took place While I loved early Van Halen, and had all their albums well, cassettes in my day , I really liked the Hagar version The album 5150 was phenomenal, way beyond anything that had come before So I really wanted to read this book as soon as I heard about it to get the inside scoop on what took place within the band over the years, and to see if Sammy really was that nice of a guy.Typically in a memoir I judge whether someone is a nice person based on how much they portray themselves as being totally awesome If they do not admit some faults, come across as very self depreciating, avoid attacking others out of hand, and just give a balanced retelling of their experiences If they do any of the above I generally write them off as an asshat.Reading about Sammy s story you come away realizing he is far from perfect, but sincerely a good guy who really cares about the people in his life, and about his passions like his music and tequila You rejoice in his successes, such as his Cabo Wabo Cantina, and the incredible achievement of his Cabo Wabo tequila which, spoiler, he sold 80 million dollars.With financial security came some freedoms, such as playing music he wanted to play with people he wants to play with, and several insights The one I thought about the most was his observation that as a busty person he always had a hard time just relaxing He always found himself crawling the walls looking for anything to do Without any pressures he learned how to find new levels of relaxation deeper levels.That makes me think of any endeavor in life Whatever you achieve or learn initially is nowhere near what we can accomplish if we just stick with it Push for new levels That can be scholarly work, self reflection, or regular job, or just plain relaxation You must work at anything if you really want to master it Much like Malcolm Gladwell points out, 10,000 hours is the currency of the greatest Typically I think we spend a few hundred for some knock off and convince ourselves it is just as good.Of course the elephant in the room is Van Halen Whether you chose to believe Sammy s quite reasonable account of what took place, I think we can all agree about two things First Eddie is a great guitarist Second Eddie has an ongoing terrible substance abuse problem that has hampered not only his career, but his whole life To paraphrase Kathi Griffin speaking about Whitney Houston , I look at Eddie and still hope the genius within can come back to us.In the end you learn that Sammy is a great guy who is doing all he can to live a happy life, be a good friend, and just make some great music. Listened to this on audio book read by Scott Shepherd, who does a great California dude accent Hagar doesn t achieve the heights of debauchery witnessed in The Dirt the high water mark for dumb rocker biographies , but he exhibits a unique craziness which had me either cringing or laughing out loud Hagar is pretty compelling as an unreliable narrator The obvious consequences of his shitty behavior are never his fault when he leaves his long suffering wife and 5 year old at Christmas she is somehow responsible since she is crazy The book really picks up steam once Hagar joins Van Halen as he is totally willing to dish the petty dirt He really hates David Lee Roth looks gay, can t sing, wears platform boots The reader also gets info on Eddie Van Halen was mean to Kenny Chesney, doesn t know how to play Sound of Silence, is a drunk , Alex Van Halen can t play sober, serial divorcee , Miles Davis dresses like a woman, doesn t know who Sammy Hagar is , Bob Weir doesn t know how to drive when totally trashed and various other jealous dummies Insight is offered into life on the road sex tents beneath the stage and song writing practice he totally got the idea for I Can t Drive 55 after telling a cop I can t drive 55, Eddie wanted to make some dumb song grunge by giving it a real bad attitude, Hagar wanted it to be a love song to Kurt Cobain, but now about them like doing it or whatever I m making Hagar out to be a jerk in this review, which he probably is, but he s good company for the length of this book and I like him after reading it I m not sure why I put so many parenthesis in this review here s one last one with an inspiring Hagar quote I believe in god and even if I didn t I d still believe you should Red: My Uncensored life in Rock

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Samuel Roy Sammy Hagar, known as The Red Rocker , is an American rock singer, guitarist, composer and solo artist Hagar was one of the three singers for Van Halen, as well as the original singer of the early 1970s rock band Montrose On March 12, 2007, Hagar was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Van Halen He has had the opportunity to work with some of hard rock s mo

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