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Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales Not a complete collection there are several glaring omissions, like The Veldt and A Sound of Thunder , but it s the biggest one I ve found so far A nice mix of his Martian, Irish, sci fi and childhood stories, ranging from the 40s to the 90s. This is an excellent collection Like everything else Bradbury, I find some of the stories simply exquisite finely written, chilling, clear, nothing extraneous, unique especially in their time others, I find sentimental and reveling in a kind of aching nostalgia whose absolute sweetness I cannot believe in ode to the shiny, unblemished American Midwest boyhood, circa 1930s Nevertheless, there is something worth savoring in the least of Bradbury s works And the best of his works are small masterpieces. For Than Sixty Years, The Imagination Of Ray Bradbury Has Opened Doors Into Remarkable Places, Ushering Us Across Unexplored Territories Of The Heart And Mind While Leading Us Inexorably Toward A Profound Understanding Of Ourselves And The Universe We Inhabit In This Landmark Volume, America S Preeminent Storyteller Offers Us One Hundred Treasures From A Lifetime Of Words And Ideas The Stories Within These Pages Were Chosen By Bradbury Himself, And Span A Career That Blossomed In The Pulp Magazines Of The Early S And Continues To Flourish In The New Millennium Here Are Representatives Of The Legendary Author S Finest Works Of Short Fiction, Including Many That Have Not Been Republished For Decades, All Forever Fresh And Vital, Evocative And Immensely Entertaining It s always hard to review a collection of short stories It s especially hard with a collection like this For one, it s massive 100 short stories, nearly 900 pages, and a lethal weapon in eleven states This is a long term investment of reading time Probably it s better to keep it on your bedside table and read a story or two a night, but it can be read straight through.There are many impressive things about this collection, but the consistent quality has to top the list Even the stories that I didn t like as much are still really good This is especially impressive because the stories were written over a period of than 50 years the earliest story is from 1943, the latest from 1999 Also impressive is how Bradbury seemed to be able to move through genres, from the science fiction he s probably best known for to fantasy to nostalgic realism and even bittersweet romance I love Bradbury s writing, especially in short stories I had already read than a few of the stories much of Dandelion Wine and The Martian Chronicles is here, for example and I m familiar with his voice and style He s very good at writing characters who live and breathe on the page after just a few lines Really, I can t say enough good about Bradbury s short stories in general My only criticism of the book, which is petty, is that it doesn t include There Will Come Soft Rains , a nostalgic favorite of mine since it was the first of Bradbury s short stories that I ever read. Great navigation and no errors noted Will make notes and highlights here but review short stories over the title book page. I am no where near being done, BUT I love it too much not to start raving about Ray Bradbury and his magical writing My current favorites are Banshee , Midnight In the Month of June , and The Whole Town is Sleeping His stories are full of rich sensory images, and an almost child like wonder towards things that go bump in the night. After rewatching the carnival X Files episode, I remembered Something Wicked This Way Comes After reading that again, I went on a huge Bradbury binge, which culminated in reading all 100 of the stories in the mammoth Bradbury Stories, without getting distracted by any other books during the reading.He had a peerless imagination and took such joy in writing This book is an absolute treasure, and will serve as a perfect way to revisit or discover his best short work Also, if you re a Bradbury fan, Sam Weller s Bradbury bio via Bradbury interviews is worth a read Josh HanagarneFrom The Best Books We Read in February I quit while almost half way though this book.Life is too short.These stories are not his hit records, but rather the B sides.I can t take it any Every story in this book makes youwish you were reading something else Maybe there are better stories later in the book.I am not caring any.I m actually a fan of Bradbury too, but these stories are just soooooo weak. Ray Bradbury s stories never disappoint Some I liked than others, but each one is unique and each one is not only whimsical and chilling, but often also giving metaphors for the problems in society. Science fiction and fantasy fans are familiar with seeing oodles of anthologies and collections of short stories from the Grandmaster on bookshelves Bradbury was a great writer and while Fahrenheit 451 is his masterpiece, I submit here that his other great contribution to our literature was his prolific short story writing.This is exceptional in that it collects stories from across his fifty plus years of putting ink on paper, from the 1950s to just before he died in 2012 We also see the spectrum of his great range from the fantastic Martian stories, to horror, to the mundane Some of these are tied in with his other world building like Green Town and other are mere sketches, describing a scene of some note.Bradbury s uncommon charm and enormous talent shines throughout.This collection includes The Whole Town s SleepingThe RocketThe Flying MachineThe DwarfThe WindThe Kilimanjaro DeviceI especially enjoyed that many of these were published later in life, and or were obscure than others so I was able to read many for the first time And of course I was also able to reread some of my favorites.

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