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The Night Land And I Caught Mirdath The Beautiful By Her Shoulders, And Shook Her Very Soundly, In My Anger And Afterward, I Sent The Maid Onward And She, Having No Word From Her Mistress To Stay, Went Forward A Little And In This Fashion We Came At Last To The Hedge Gap, With The Lady Mirdath Very Hushed But Yet Walking Anigh To Me, As That She Had Some Secret Pleasure Of My Nearness And I Led Her Through The Gap, And So Homeward To The Hall And There Bid Her Good Night At A Side Door That She Held The Key Of And, Truly, She Bid Me Good Night In An Utter Quiet Voice And Was Almost As That She Had No Haste To Be Gone From Me That Night

About the Author: William Hope Hodgson

William Hope Hodgson was an English author He produced a large body of work, consisting of essays, short fiction, and novels, spanning several overlapping genres including horror, fantastic fiction, and science fiction Early in his writing career he dedicated effort to poetry, although few of his poems were published during his lifetime He also attracted some notice as a photographer and achiev

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    The hideous creatures crawl in the eternal darkness, in this unknown alien world, but in reality sick old Earth , in its last inglorious daysThe 17th Century tortured gentleman arrives here, just after losing his beloved wife Lady Mirda

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    A modern man starts receiving psychic messages from hundreds of thousands of years in Earth s future messages from himself The sun is dying, the world is filled with horrific monsters, and the last remnants of humanity have locked themselves

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    Yes yesthe writing style is obnoxious and the constant repetition is grating, but as a reader what would you rather have 1 A well paced and readable thriller of a book that causes you no pain, but is soon forgotten and is in verity a mediocrity 2 Or a bo

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    One of the greatest love stories ever written This is a SYMBOLIST work, other reviewers here who don t understand that are demi morons This is Amor, A Mor, Without Death, as Serrano defined it, not the mundane love of boyfriend and girlfriend.

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    Disappointing I was excited to read this after experiencing The House on the Borderland but this severely dragged.The beginning to this novel is supremely evocative a world in darkness due to the absence of the sun, lit from within by flaming pits and powered by a type of

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    Millions of years into the future when the sun has ceased to shine and most of the world is overrun by strange demonic beasts, the remnants of mankind hold out inside a mighty pyramid fueled by the earth current in which the beasts cannot enter No one who ever ventures out ever co

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    It was in the Olden Days of the dawn of the world that I didst stumble across a copy of this book at the Lovecraft Arts Sciences store in Providence, Rhode Island, a city anigh to both mine own redoubt and also mine own Heart Obviously I was aware of the book s reputation what with Lovecra

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    William Hope Hodgson s epic novel The Night Land was chosen for inclusion in Cawthorn Moorcock s Fantasy The 100 Best Books, and yet in this overview volume s sister collection, Horror 100 Best Books, Jones Newman surprisingly declare the novel to be unreadable No less a critic than H.P Lovecraft p

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    Critics have repeatedly pointed out the imperfections of this novel Curiously, The Night Land s critics are frequently its fans as well That ought to tell you something about how strong its strong points are That these critic fans also offer the novel s originality as one of its primary assets, ought to tel

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    I read this book based on a review by C S Lewis, who commented that the best fiction adds a new dimension to your life for having read it The Night Land does not disappoint It is one of the most incredible love stories, combined with a truly Epic tale of Good vs Evil in a genuinely Classic sense.For some inconceivab

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