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House on Fire A Story Of Courage And Risk Taking, House On Fire Tells How Smallpox, A Disease That Killed, Blinded, And Scarred Millions Over Centuries Of Human History, Was Completely Eradicated In A Spectacular Triumph Of Medicine And Public Health Part Autobiography, Part Mystery, The Story Is Told By A Man Who Was One Of The Architects Of A Radical Vaccination Scheme That Became A Key Strategy In Ending The Horrible Disease When It Was Finally Contained In India In House On Fire, William H Foege Describes His Own Experiences In Public Health And Details The Remarkable Program That Involved People From Countries Around The World In Pursuit Of A Single Objective Eliminating Smallpox Forever Rich With The Details Of Everyday Life, As Well As A Few Adventures, House On Fire Gives An Intimate Sense Of What It Is Like To Work On The Ground In Some Of The World S Most Impoverished Countries And Tells What It Is Like To Contribute To Programs That Really Do Change The World

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    This is a tricky book for me to review, as I m unashamedly biased, but I m going to try anyway When you think about the vast volume of literature written about any major war, it s somewhat remarkable that smallpox eradication a campaign to end an illness that killed half a billion people in the last century hasn t received attention The other day I was on a bus with some med students and one actually asked, what w

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    after reading schlosser s book about the atomic bomb i needed something uplifting a book about smallpox read the subtitle the fight to eradicate smallpox the goodguys, author william h foege among them, WIN the fight going into this book we know smallpox lost, that s a good book to read.the postscript Over the years, on every return to India, I have searched the faces of people on the street, looking for pockmarks Soon

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    This is part documentary, part autobiography of the amazingly successful worldwide work to eradicate smallpox Call me a geek, but I found the statistics climactic and the developing world experiences funny or sobering, depending on the story It reinforces my belief that we peeps can accomplish almost ANYTHING if we have the political will.

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    Dr Foege looms large in my life and not in the literal sense, as his unusual height would suggest as the founder of the organization I work for, so, disclaimer, that may have influenced my experience reading House on Fire It is, however, an extraordinary book documenting the years of grueling work that finally led to the worldwide eradication of smallpox In relating the details of the smallpox effort s challenges and successes

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    Favorite book of 2018 Life accumulates You get what you inspect, not what you expect.If a house is on fire, no one wastes time putting water on nearby houses just in case the fire spreads They rush to pour water where it will do the most good on the burning house The same strategy turned out to be effective in eradicating smallpox He tells stories not about what he has done, but about what others have done Foege We lose histories

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    Despite only being 200 pages, this book is extraordinarily dense in terms of its content and its focus It s a memoir of one of the architects of the greatest public health achievement in human history it s a bird s eye history of the fight to eradicate smallpox in West Africa and India it s a deep dive on public health bureaucracies and their organization and ticks If anything, it might be too dense, packing too many years and too man

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    One statement that rings again and again in the mind with goosebumps Small pox eradication did not happen by accident

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    This was one of the most informative and inspiring history of medicine reads I ve encountered My favorite book of the year so far.

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    This is an incredible story It s not one that it s easy to recommend to everyone I loved it and it was a thrill, but I don t think it ll read that way to everyone If you re wondering if you ll like this book, imagine you went to one of his powerpoint lectures and then joined him and a couple of colleagues for a single drink and continued discussing it If that sounds exciting, you will love this book.

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    Read this for a paper I was writing for a vaccines development class I have bad memories of that class which may color my review, so take this review with a grain of salt lol Gives some interesting insight into the logistics needed to solve the biggest public health campaign ever conducted eradicating a disease from the earth Unfortunately, while the issue itself is fascinating, Foege s writing is neither compelling nor emotionally engaging One chapt

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