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The End of Poverty The Landmark Exploration Of Economic Prosperity And How The World Can Escape From Extreme Poverty For The World S Poorest Citizens, From One Of The World S Most Renowned Economists Hailed By Timeas One Of The World S Hundred Most Influential People, Jeffrey D Sachs Is Renowned For His Work Around The Globe Advising Economies In Crisis Now A Classic Of Its Genre, The End Of Poverty Distills Than Thirty Years Of Experience To Offer A Uniquely Informed Vision Of The Steps That Can Transform Impoverished Countries Into Prosperous Ones Marrying Vivid Storytelling With Rigorous Analysis, Sachs Lays Out A Clear Conceptual Map Of The World Economy Explaining His Own Work In Bolivia, Russia, India, China, And Africa, He Offers An Integrated Set Of Solutions To The Interwoven Economic, Political, Environmental, And Social Problems That Challenge The World S Poorest Countries Ten Years After Its Initial Publication, The End Of Poverty Remains An Indispensible And Influential Work In This Th Anniversary Edition, Sachs Presents An Extensive New Foreword Assessing The Progress Of The Past Decade, The Work That Remains To Be Done, And How Each Of Us Can Help He Also Looks Ahead Across The Next Fifteen Years To , The United Nations Target Date For Ending Extreme Poverty, Offering New Insights And Recommendations

About the Author: Jeffrey D. Sachs

Jeffrey David Sachs, is an American economist, public policy analyst, and former director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he holds the title of University Professor, the highest rank Columbia bestows on its faculty He is known as one of the world s leading experts on economic development and the fight against poverty.Sachs is the Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development

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    Towards the End of Poverty A ManifestoThe difference between a solid policy prescription book and an evocative manifesto is hard to make out if it is an economist writing it I should have known which side this would fall on once I saw that the introduction was by Bono, but I let the forceful and articulate Bono force me into buying this one In the store, Bono s righteous anger was infectious and the book could

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    You, being a smart person who is up on contemporary debates in economics and development and or are a reader of Vanity Fair, probably already know all about Sachs and this book.Sachs made his name giving shock therapy to various third world economies He recommended they jack up interest rates, and pushed them towards neo liberal free market structures His career hit a bit of a bad patch when he was associated with the

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    I expected to give this book one star, but I could get behind enough of Sachs ideas to give it two Sachs opposes IMF WB austerity measures to promote development, and defends health care, education, and other services as public goods He advocates taxing the rich and getting the world s wealthiest people to invest their money in the world s poorest people He opposes Bush s excessive military spending because he thinks US and g

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    What do Bono, and countless other celebrities have in common with the author A They ve always wanted to be celebrities What is different A The celebs actually think that the world can be rid of poverty and misery and vice Are you honestly going to tell me that one of the world s most influential economists ACTUALLY believes that poverty can be banished or even meaningfully reduced Not a chance Not with Africa s population growth rate

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    Poor Jeffrey Sachs He reminds me of the autistic kid in elementary school who isn t sure why no one likes reading the marginalia of comic books as much as he does After all, the other kids like Spiderman too So why doesn t everyone else want to do the cross referencing I may have been awfully close to being that kid Jeffrey Sachs basic perspective is that all we have to do to solve poverty is pump aid money in and engage in debt relief Let s

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    A well written book In my opinion it can not be read without also reading William Easterly s book The Quest For Growth The two scholors are at war with each other Their debate is all the interesting when you read the back and forth op ed pieces they have written in the Washington Post I tend to agree with Easterly Sachs means well, but he is very full of himself His book is a tribute to what he can do, and other economists can t than a good debate

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    2025 ..

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    One of Cambridge Sustainability s Top 50 Books for Sustainability, as voted for by our alumni network of over 3,000 senior leaders from around the world To find out , click here The End of Poverty argues that extreme poverty, defined by the World Bank as having an income of less than 1 a day, is the poverty that kills However, it is almost entirely preventable and solvable as has been shown in developed countries and many developing countries through the provision

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    Another book written by a rich caucasian on how to solve Third World problems Sachs floats a lot of economic theories and Bono throws in his bit as well Understandably so, they ve never walked a mile in a poor person s shoes Some things are just as nature intended We cannot all be wealthy CEOs, who ll do the ground work Intervention does harm than good, most of the time Some relief schemes are built on greed and filth Just look at USaid Closer to home, look at the giant r

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    some excerpts Equality is a very big idea, connected to freedom, but an idea that doesn t come for free If we re serious, we have to be prepared to pay the price Some people will say we can t afford to do it I disagree I think we can t afford not to do it.When the preconditions of basic infrastructure roads, power, and ports and human capital health and education are in place, markets are powerful engines of development Without those preconditions, markets can cruelly bypass large

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