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The Heart of Texas 3.5 starsRiley Hayes is the second son of Gerard Hayes, of Hayes Oil Rich, successful, and smart, Riley also likes to be carefree with his love life When his father tells requires him to stay married for love in one year time, before he can claim his rightful portion of Hayes Oil, Riley is downright pissed So he decides to seek revenge by blackmailing Jack Campbell, a rancher and a son of his father s nemesis, with a contract to stay married for a year Years ago, when I still think M F contemporary romance as appealing, I read one story by Barbara Freethy that deals with family, ranch, lies, secrets, and redemption In a positive way, The Heart of Texas reminds me of that I don t find many marriage of convenience theme within an M M romance and I wholeheartedly welcome this one.While Riley is first described as sort of a playboy, who has his arms in handful of woman every night, I don t really feel that way as the story continues In fact, I sense him as a misunderstood young man, who wants to prove to his father that he knows what he is doing I also sense he is a bit lonely, only having his bi sexual friend Steve and his sister, Eden, that can be considered as someone close to him Therefore, when Riley manipulates Jack to marry him, and then he meets the Cambell family, he finds what family and love is all about Jack, on the other hand, is the typical sort of Alpha hero that I always love to read At first, he hates Riley and all what Jack perceives as Riley s cunning tricks, so Jack is determined to make Riley s life a living hell BUT, when he realizes what his husband truly is inside, Jack learns that he is falling hard for Riley It s good to see how the mighty fallen, isn t it The secondary characters are quite plenty and each has a role in the book, either by themselves or part of Jack and Riley s path to true happiness If there is one complaint, it is probably that the drama and plot twists are not original In fact, they are downright clich , for me at least I can see all the twists that Ms Scott throws from miles away Starting from the secret behind Riley s life, the secret of Beth s Jack s sister baby daddy, the murderer, even the real reason why one confesses to the murder ALL of them is predictable shrugs It s okay to add twists to make a drama, but I kind of feel that it s overcooked, and it will be better if it s just two or three twists that are being incorporated But, should it make you stay away from the story I don t think so I think this is a complex relationship that can either satisfy you or well, frustrate the living hell out of you For me though, I really like not loving it but really liking it nonetheless The journey of Jack and Riley sure keeps me up for about 2 hours reading, and forget about sleeping, which is always a sign of a good book. 3.5 starsThis past weekend, I was on vacation in Austin, TEXAS surrounded by cowboys and cuties craving one of those over the top reads needing a little smut ahem in my book something I could pick up, put down, go out and have some fun, and then return to that would keep me entertained.Enter The Heart of Texas and though I could probably think this through and pick apart all that was wrong with it, I can t help but feel it was so RIGHT Exactly what I needed wanted.It was SO ridiculous, WAY soap opera y think every old Harlequin romance book but on steroids , a replica of the old Dallas and Dynasty primetime soaps with its very own Who shot JR moment but I loved Riley and Jack I loved the Campbell Hayes family rivalry.I loved the Texas socialites and the Big Oil men and the ranchers.It was delicious. Riley Hayes, The Playboy Of The Hayes Family, Is A Young Man Who Seems To Have It All Money, A Career He Loves, And His Pick Of Beautiful Women His Father, CEO Of HayesOil, Passes Control Of The Corporation To His Two Sons But A Stipulation Is Attached To Riley S Portion Concerned About Riley S Lack Of Maturity, His Father Requires That Rileymarry And Stay Married For One Year To Someone He Loves Angered By The Requirement, Riley Seeks A Means Of Bypassing His Father S Stipulation Blackmailing Jack Campbell Into Marrying Him For Love Suits Riley S Purpose There Is No Mention In His Father S Documents That The Marriage Had To Be With A Woman And Jack Campbell Is The Son Of Riley Senior S Arch Rival Win WinRiley Marries Jack And Abruptly His Entire World Is Turned Inside Out Riley Hadn T Counted On The Fact That Jack Campbell, Quiet And Unassuming Rancher, Is A Force Of Nature In His Own Right This Is A Story Of Murder, Deceit, The Struggle For Power, Lust And Love, The Sprawling Life Of A Rancher And The Whirlwind Existence Of A Playboy But Under And Through It All, As Riley Learns Over The Months, This Is A Tale About Family And Everything That That Word Means I Loved This BookNot sure what to say without spoiling too much I loved all the characters, even the ones I hated I still loved hating them I enjoyed how the characters and their relationships developed The story moves quick but transitions very smoothly, it is told through everyone s point of view so even though the POV changes a lot I was never confused about whose POV I was reading The characters reminded me a lot of the old TV show Dallas I liked that show view spoiler Jeff gets shot, but he deserved it hide spoiler Oh, this is the BEST of the BEST of the BEST of the Forced Arranged Marriage Mating Bonding genre It, honest to god, does not get ANY better than this MC Riley Hayes is rich, beautiful, straight, single and ready to mingle until his father decides to put a stipulation on giving up control of the family company to his son Riley must marry for love and STAY married for a year in order to retain his portion of the company So, Riley decides to stick it to the old man by marrying the son the stipulation never said anything about the wedded partner being a woman of his biggest rival, MC Jack Campbell Oh, and it is delicious The two boys are bitter enemies and Riley is straight while Jack is gay Then things start to get all soap operay and the boys get all hot and bothered about one another and the sex is AMAZING and then they fall in love and WOW Fucking fabulous book Plus, R.J Scott has blessed us with, like, a million sequels with these delightful boys But nothing will ever measure up to this original It is a wild ride and absolute soap opera perfection Highly, highly recommended. Scandalous.Absurd.Eye rollingly melodramatic.Telenovela goodness.Rating 2 of 5 stars but 3 of 5 OHMYGAHs 2,5 STARS I ve enjoyed the audio, but the story was over the top So much drama and not a good drama actually It felt long, unnecessary long There were parts I enjoyed, but we don t get much romance SO many things happen and my head was spinning with all the side characters and well the secrets and plots.Can t say I was a huge fan of either of the main characters Many things bugged me, but overall it was an OK read with some things I would have enjoyed , if it wasn t for the OTT craziness. So everyone kept telling me about how this book was so much like a soap operaand they were right It had lots of drama and plots twists and turns, I could not put it down I never knew what kind of disaster or shocking revelation was going to happen next Lots of lies, backstabbing, betrayals, secretsand a murder You knowthe usual in a soap opera.I loved Jack and Riley and how they moved from long time enemies to unexpected lovers It was a sweet romance following lots of sexual tension My fave by the way Great cast of characters in a perfect setting Omg, I feel like I m describing a tv show Ok, so I teared up twice, once at the beginning and again at the very end It wasn t really a sad or funny book, but it had a lot of omg moments and quite a few aww, that s so sweet moments There were even some holy shit, thats so hot moments This is my 1st full length novel by RJ, but I will definitely be reading I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS BOOK, OH MY GOD THIS IS DEFINITELY A FAVORITE BOOK OF MINE JACK AND RILEY FOREVER Riley and Jack The Heart of Texas was one of the first m m books I read It s also one of my favorites When I first started reading the book, I wasn t really sure if I would like it or not But I soon found myself craving of this wonderful book and I was addicted to these characters and the overall story I don t think there was any one thing I liked about this book the most It was just a book I was able to really fall in love with and devour in a few hours.Riley and Jack were definitely easy to love Both guys had their own personalities and even if their start wasn t the best or the most romantic, I found myself rooting for them to become a real couple Out of the two guys, I have to admit Riley was my favorite I fell in love with him immediately and I never stopped loving him He was flawed, yes, but the man underneath was definitely someone who needed to be loved and Jack was just the man for the job I loved how their relationship developed and it was nice to see how much they really loved each other I think it was the relationship that really brought out the vulnerability in the guys But it also showed how strong they both were, too.This book was similar to Dallas in many respects and some of the twists that happened were definitely Dallas like That wasn t a bad thing I actually love the original show and I thought this book was better than the show, so it shows you how much I love this book I loved some characters, like others, and downright hated some too There really was a mixed bag here when it comes to characters and it was great to have a really bad villain in this It s not that I don t like redeeming the bad guy, sometimes that really does work great But I also like having a character I can loathe and Jeff Hayes was definitely one of those characters Personally, I don t think he was punished enough, but that s just me grins The relationships in this book weren t just romantic ones Riley and Jack s relationship was my favorite, hands down But I really loved the Jack Beth, Jack Josh and Riley Eden relationships too Sibling relationships, for whatever reason, make me really happy and I always enjoy solid ones It s something that I will always think about when I read a book, even if it isn t a huge part of the overall plot I still love those scenes in a book.So, yeah, I love this book I m guessing that was obvious from this review, but I still thought I should state it again It s one of those books I wish I could erase from my memory and read again for the first time because it is really that good And that s saying something because there aren t many books out there that I can say that about But in this case, it is very true And I also happen to have a couple on my favorite couples list because of this book. Audio 4 starsStory 2 starsThis is another case of me finishing a book only because of the narrator The story started off well enough, but than a lot of crazy drama started happening Sometimes too much is just thattoo much The romance was completely overshadowed Again, one and done with this series.

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A USA Today bestselling author, RJ Scott has published over one hundred novels after discovering romance in books at a very young age She realized that if there wasn t love on the page, she could create it in her head, and has become a lifelong writer.She lives and works out of her home in the beautiful English countryside, spends her spare time reading, watching films, and enjoying time with her

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